One Act Play takes final curtain call at sub-sections

by Jared Hines

Contributing Writer

18 members of Rogers High School made up the 2016-17 One-Act Play cast and crew that performed “A Rare Condition” at sub-sections over the weekend.

The cast was performing for the second time in a week, putting on a show for the local community at Zabee Theater at Elk River High School on Jan. 24. The team’s goal for sub-sections at St. Michael-Albertville was to be able to move onto sections the next weekend at Andover High School. Unfortunately for the passionate crew, they were left on the outside looking in.

2016-2017 Rogers One-Act Play Cast & Crew (Photo by Jared Hines)
2016-2017 Rogers One-Act Play Cast & Crew (Photo by Jared Hines)

“Sadly, today our kids took their last curtain call,” director and Rogers High School teacher Cyndy Gauthier said. “We are so incredibly proud of their hard work but more importantly we are proud of the way they carried themselves. We forever have each other’s back.”

Gauthier directs the one-act play cast and crew, along with Anne Konkol, another Rogers High School English teacher. Last year, the duo chose to do a comedy play, while this year, the group decided to go more serious.

“A Rare Condition” is a short drama by Alan Haehnel, taking you inside the world of a high school girl who has a rare life-threatening condition that she keeps secret from everyone but her mother. Her boyfriend, classmates, teachers, and father all notice a difference in the behavior of Saundra, but none push any further to find out the cause behind her behavioral change before it’s too late.

The play gave the audience members chills, while making them laugh and cry, all in the span of 35 minutes. Allison Skinner played the role of main character Saundra, while Garrett Crosby played boyfriend Don in the play.

“Making sure our production is successful requires dedication, engagement, and positivity from a plethora of people,” Gauthier and Konkol wrote in their playbill. “We need to thank our actors first and foremost. Their dedication to continual growth show how willing every actor was to bringing out the best qualities in their character, their castmates and themselves.”

This year’s one-act cast and crew is the last group that will be without the new auditorium, currently being constructed at Rogers High School. The auditorium will be vital to the continuation and growth of many arts programs at Rogers for many years to come.


Cast and Crew:

Saundra: Allison Skinner

Don: Garrett Crosby

Mr. Potter: Thanapong (TK) Khampho

Sammy: Brynn Jasicki

Paul: Wesley Cooper

Allison: Jenna Nevonen

Coach Maxfield: Maxwell Hopkins

Glen: Justin Martin

Caitlin/Mary: Gabrielle Lien

Delia/Jenna: Victoria Meersman

Josh: Tanner Meadows

Sal/Scott: Savaughn May

Roy/Dwayne: Ben Buechler

Beth: Emma Wyman

Mourner & Tech: Amelia Weber

Stage Manager: Megan Phinney

Lights & Sound: Kaylee Dirschel

Lights & Sound: Ayana Greene