Rogers students shine at Scholastic Art Awards

by Jared Hines

Contributing Writer

Artwork from across the state was submitted to the 2017 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards, up for awards such as “Gold Key”, “Silver Key” and “Honorable Mention.”

A total of 332 Gold Key awards were given out during the 2017 awards, with 13 of them being from entries that Rogers High School students submitted.

Kendra Bolster’s “United Crushers” earned a Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Awards (submitted photo)
Kendra Bolster’s “United Crushers” earned a Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Awards (submitted photo)

“I was very surprised to find out that I had won two gold awards for two of my pieces,” Kendra Bolster said. “It made me feel very proud and accomplished of my artwork and pushes me to continue to do my best.”

Bolster won her two Gold Key awards with drawings titled “United Crusher” and “Walk Away.” She also earned an honorable mention for a painting that she did of Minneapolis. Bolster loves the way that she feels when she sits down to draw and paint, drawing her back day after day.

“My favorite part about creating my artwork is that it is a huge stress reliever and calming thing to continue to work on every day,” Bolster said. “I also love seeing other’s reactions when they see my work and how my finished pieces may inspire others.

Morgan Rgnotnti’s piece, titled “Bella” (Submitted Photo)
Morgan Rgnotnti’s piece, titled “Bella” (Submitted Photo)

Susan Sebghati and Shaunna Roberdeau teach the art classes at Rogers which include drawing, painting, and jewelry, just to name a few. Many of the students spend hours in the art classrooms, using any free time that they have to perfect the works they will be submitting for the awards. On top of the 13 Gold Key winners, Sebghati and Roberdeau’s students also earned six of the 307 Silver Key Awards and 20 of the 715 Honorable Mention awards. Sebghati has been teaching art classes at Rogers for years, while Roberdeau has jumped on board more recently.

“Seb(ghati) has always been there to help guide me and all of her students to push themselves to the best of their ability in their artwork,” Bolster said.

All 332 Gold Key pieces from across Minnesota will make their way to New York City where nationally renowned artists, art professionals, and arts educators will look at pieces from around the entire United States. The art pieces will be judged on “originality,” “technical skill” and “emergence of a personal vision.”

“Seb built the art program and made it into the success it is today,” Bolster said. “I admire her artistic ability and her leadership as all of her students look up to her for guidance.”

Rogers High School student Sidney Pettis earned a Gold Key award with her self portrait. (submitted photo)
Rogers High School student Sidney Pettis earned a Gold Key award with her self portrait. (submitted photo)
Gold Key:
13 Gold Keys
Gold Key winners include:
Kendra Bolster/ Drawing / United Crusher
Kendra Bolster/ Drawing/ Walk Away
Morgan Rgnonti/ Drawing/ Bella
Carly Segulia/ Painting/ Minnehaha Falls
Sydney Lofgren/ Drawing/ Foshay View
Kallie Hambleton/ Drawing/ Tunnel
Victoria Nyland Foley/ Jewelry/ Drop
Gissele Olivares/ Drawing/ Looking for America Tour
Lindsey Wenum/ Jewelry/ On the Threshold of a Dream
Ellie Feilen/ Jewelry/ Robin’s Egg
Megan Secrist/ Jewelry/ Pierced
Allie Roberts/ Drawing/ Shoreline
Sidney Pettis/ Drawing/ Self Portrait
Silver Key:
6 Silver Keys
Silver Key winners include:
Heather Smith/ Painting/ Ford
Grace Clark/ Painting/ Locked Up
Emma Navratil/ Painting/ Catch of the Day
Hannah Finstad/ Jewelry/ Cucurbita
Emily Spaniol/ Drawing/ Amelia
Riley Lamberger/ Drawing/ Slam Dunk
Honorable Mention:
20 Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mention winners include:
Kendra Bolster/ Painting/ Mpls.
Taylor Burke/ Drawing/ Dayton, MN
Kyra Cleveland/ Painting/ Old Tractor
Laura Ebert/ Comic Art/ Sunrise
Katherine Kapsner/ Painting/ Hanna
Haylee Fingalsen/ Painting/ Phone
Julianna Kiesner/ Painting/ Diner
Marisa Kranitz/ Drawing/ Dakota
Emma Navratil/ Jewelry/ Rustic
Sarah Janckila/ Drawing/ Self Portrait
Payton Maki/ Drawing/ Superman
Caleb Meadows/ Drawing/ Mpls.
Anna Koshiol/ Drawing/
Ashlee Trochlil/ Painting/ Self Portrait
Mary Rooney/ Painting/ Seated
Brynn Jasicki/ Painting/ Palette
Emily Spaniol/ Drawing/ Lily
Lauryn Thompson/ Painting/ Soundset
Taylor Heisinger/ Painting/ Pigs and Nut
Karlie Hall/ Painting/ Blue Dodge