Dirty Dawg Mobile Grooming comes to Maple Grove

In an attempt to help busy pet owners keep their pets looking and feeling great, Dirty Dawg Mobile Grooming offers a pet grooming service that comes to a person’s doorstep.

Dirty Dawg Mobile Grooming, a new local mobile pet grooming service, offers a totally self-contained grooming salon on wheels. This unit contains all of the luxuries and conveniences of a regular grooming salon.

This new mobile grooming service is owned by Traci Waldman. She provides mobile grooming services to Maple Grove and surrounding communities.

“Many grooming salons keep your pet in a crate until they are ready to be groomed,” said Waldman. “We allow a safe and clean environment to keep a pet looking its best. Many families do not have the time to make the multiple trips to and from the groomer. Dirty Dawg will eliminate the need for pet owners to make any trips.”

This service allows pets to be pampered without the nervous emotions that come with being around several other animals and people in a loud, unfamiliar environment.

For more information about Dirty Dawg Mobile Grooming go www.dirtydawg.us or call or text 612-245-2276 to schedule an appointment.