LETTER: Supporting Bonnie Westlin this election

To the Editor:

I am writing today to show my support for Bonnie Westlin for Minnesota State Senate for Senate District 34. I know Bonnie personally, and know she is the candidate we need representing us. She is also an excellent fit to help fix the constant deadlocks in the Senate chamber in St. Paul.

I first started campaigning with Bonnie by marching with her at a parade in Maple Grove. She wasn’t marching at the center of the line simply waiving, but she was in the crowd of parade goers, almost to the point of having us and the group behind us pass her. I saw she wasn’t doing hardly any of the talking. She was listening to the concerns of SD34 residents. That was more important than keeping the pace at the parade. I’ve been cynical about politics up to this point, so this fact blew me away, and I’ve been pounding pavement for her ever since. This fact of never forgetting to listen to concern of the people you wish to represent makes her the most qualified to represent SD34, as you know she will have our interests at heart in the Senate chamber.

Her professional qualifications are an excellent response to the partisan gridlock in St. Paul. Through her legal career, she has gained vast experience as a mediator. This involves bringing opposing parties together to come up with an amicable solution, without the need for litigation. This is the kind of experience we need in our legislation, as most of us can think of something important to us that was supposed to be helped by the stalled out legislation (for me it’s the Minnesota Zoo, which had a lot of aid tied up in the failed bonding bill, which would have been used for a list of tasks that include critical infrastructure repairs).

I realize the Federal races have taken up a lot of people’s attentions, but I ask that people consider the SD34 Senate Race, and vote for Bonnie Westlin.

Mike Vogel

Maple Grove