Wright County Attorney

Dunning, Amanda Jeanette, 39, of ROCKFORD, sentenced Oct. 11 for Probation Violations for Felony Terroristic Threats to 40 days jail. Sentenced for Probation Violations for Violent Threats to 40 days jail, concurrent. Sentenced by Judge Tenney.

Zoellmer, Amber Lynn, 35, of ALBERTVILLE, sentenced Oct. 13 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail, $3,000 fine; 355 days, $2,600 stayed for three years on conditions of probation, serve 10 days jail, pay 400 fine plus surcharges, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, attend a support group, serve 30 days on electronic home monitoring, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Mottl.