West Hennepin Public Safety

Following are some of the incidents mentioned in the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety, dated Oct. 14. WHPS serves Independence and Maple Plain. The incidents below took place in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, Oct. 4

In 3100 block of Lake Sarah Road, officer was on standby while a resident removed her dog and cat and left as the residence, which was posted uninhabitable.

Caller wanted to report a rear-end crash he was involved in on Sept. 28 at County Line Road and Highway 12. Police were not called for the crash. The striking driver refused to pay for damages and has cut off communications to settle the matter. Officer is following up with the other driver.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Caller reported that, since closing of Budd Avenue, traffic including school buses uses Perkinsville Road as a drag strip with speeding vehicles. Extra patrol was requested.

Thursday, Oct. 6

In 4800 block of Perkinsville Road, caller reported that coyotes were coming into her back yard and up to the house. City of Independence hunting ordinance was given to her, along with safety rules for hunting near other residences.

In 1000 block of Polo Club Road, a resident had a dead squirrel inside his mailbox and one was on top of it the day before. Who put them there is unknown.

At Fern Drive and Sunset Lane, driver reported his truck was shot with a pellet gun by two kids near the railroad tracks. The area was checked. A 13 year old male from Independence and 16 year old male from Loretto admitted to intentionally shooting at the truck with pellet guns. Charges and consequences for their actions are pending.

Vehicle that had been reported as stolen in Minneapolis was stopped at County Roads 6 and 92. Both driver and passenger were taken into custody. The driver was arrested, booked and released pending complaint for theft and driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

At 8:52 p.m. caller reported their child drove into the ditch at County Line Road and Maria. The vehicle got stuck. They were making arrangements to get the car towed.

Friday, Oct. 7

Vinland National Center reported that a client had a Ramsey County warrant for a probation violation originating with a charge of felony drugs. Client was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail.

In 2600 block of County Road 90, resident reported that she entered a lot of sweepstakes. She received a call that she had won $9 million. She had to send in $800 before she could get the money. She was advised this is a scam.

Saturday, Oct. 8

In 300 block of County Road 110, driver stated he struck a deer and was unable to stop as he needed to get to his job on time. The deer was found dead in the ditch.

Owner of property in 3500 block of County Rod 92 stopped by his unoccupied dwelling and found his front door was pried open. Three dogs and five cats were inside. Occupants were living illegally in the dwelling. They had replaced the lock with a new lock and had been using the house as their residence. Occupants from the state of Pennsylvania arrived while police were there. They were issued no trespassing notices and told not to return to the property. Extensive damage was done to the residence and barn. Charges are pending.

At Highway 12 / County Road 90, complaint of motorcycle speeding and swerving in road. The rider was putting feet down while driving. Motorcycle rider was observed weaving in the lane and appeared to have difficulty managing controls on motorcycle, which had a suicide shift. When police officer contacted driver, he found no signs of impairment. The driver stated that he swerves a little due to the rake and shift. He was unable to restart the motorcycle and had his son put it on a trailer. The driver was warned for failure to drive with due care.

Sunday, Oct. 9

Vinland National Center reported that a man who was previously a client was on site fraternizing with female clients. They him to leave. He was issued a no trespassing notice barring him from the center or its grounds for one year. He left in a taxi.

In 3500 block of County Road 92, officer checked on the house had been found illegally occupied on Oct. 8. The occupants had returned claiming they had rented it from an unknown party on craigslist and had paid cash by leaving it in the mailbox. They had been living in the residence for about a month and knew they were squatting unlawfully. They were told to collect their belongings. They turned over the key for the new dead bolt door lock they had installed. They were served no trespass notices for the premises. Case under investigation.

At 10:58 p.m. Vinland National Center reported that a man was struck with a pillow case filled with rocks. It caused large lacerations to the top of his head. He had multiple stitches and staples to close the wound. Anthony Haxen Hill, 34, of St. Louis Park was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail. He was charged with second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.