Rogers one-act performance brings many laughs

by Jared Hines
Contributing Writer

On Saturday morning, Rogers one-act performers participated in the Section 5AA one-act play contest at Andover High School.
Although the team didn’t advance to the State Festival, the crowd roared with laughter at its rendition of “That’s Not How I Remember It” by Don Zolidis.
“Our team has so much heart,” Cyndy Gauthier said. “Such a bummer (about not advancing) but what a great season.”

Rogers performers do their “Breakfast Club” pose in their performance costumes. (Photo by Cyndy Gauthier)
Rogers performers do their “Breakfast Club” pose in their performance costumes. (Photo by Cyndy Gauthier)

Gauthier, along with Anne Konkol, are both teachers at Rogers High School and serve as the directors for the Rogers one-act team. Together, in their first year, they have led Rogers to sections for the first time in the school’s history.
The one-act play season is shorter than most seasons, with most schools only getting to perform one time. Rogers placed first at sub-sections, allowing them to advance to Saturday’s competition.
Performers also wanted their parents to be able to see the show more than once, so Rogers did an exclusive parents performance to show off their skills and practice for sections.
“The support from the staff has been amazing,” Gauthier said.
Andover, Rogers and Monticello all entered Saturday’s competition with comedic performances, while Buffalo changed the pace, with “An Echo of Wings” by George Herman. The play brought tears to members of the crowd, and gave Buffalo its third-straight section title.
Rogers received a “show” honorable mention at Festival, while members of the Royals team were also recognized.
Lucas Burney, Mitchell Gavin, Allison Skinner and Megan Phinney were all named all-conference for their performance in the cast and the crew.
Gabby Lien, Jenna Nevonen, Maithtyo Phengmany and Kaylee Dirschel were also recognized as all-conference honorable mentions.