Helping local families

ConAgraCROSSConAgra Foods Facility representative Mark Coombs, left, presents a donation to CROSS Executive Director Elizabeth Johnson. Also pictured are Keith Huegel and Crystal Chojnoski. A $15,000 ConAgra Foods Foundation Nourish Our Community Award was given to CROSS Services on Oct. 7. Nourish Our Community is an employee-driven grant making program that provides employees the opportunity to be actively engaged in the philanthropic activities of the company. Employees nominate local organizations to be considered for a one-year grant from the ConAgra Foods Foundation. The grants recognize corporate commitment to community involvement and support nonprofits that contribute to the vibrancy of the communities where its employees live and work. While any organization that is working to address community needs is eligible for funding, preference will be given to those that seek to provide children with access to the food and facts they need to eat nutritiously, live balanced lifestyles, and succeed in school and life. ConAgra Foods Facility is located in Maple Grove.