Verizon asks for monopole in Medina

Old city water tower to come down 

Verizon Wireless is proposing a change in the landscape in the vicinity of Pinto Drive and Highway 55 in Medina in the form of a 150 foot tall monopole for locating telecommunications equipment.

The Medina City Council, Wednesday, Aug. 6, reviewed Verizon’s request for a conditional use permit to locate the tower on city property at 3574 Pinto Drive. The tower would provide a new home for telecommunications equipment presently located on a city water tower at that address. The water tower has not been used for some time and soon will come down. The existing cell tower is about 180 feet tall, and the new monopole would be 30 feet shorter.

The city would lease the land to Verizon, which in turn could sublet to colocators on the property.

One condition of the conditional use permit requires Verizon to specify where the monopole would land on the property if it were to fall. The permit requires a potential landing spot to be totally within property lines.

City Councilors asked city staff to tweak the language in the conditional use permit and bring it back to the council’s Aug. 19 meeting.

The City Council also took up other business. Here are some meeting highlights.



The council first saw a proposed social host ordinance at its July 15 meeting and recommended some changes. Staff brought back the revised ordinance on Aug. 6 and councilors approved it.

The ordinance applies to possession and consumption of alcohol by underage drinkers and not to other drugs that already are illegal. The ordinance says its purpose “is to discourage underage possession and consumption of alcohol, even if done within the confines of a private residence, by holding persons who host gatherings where underage persons possess or consume alcohol criminally responsible, regardless of whether the person hosting the gathering supplies the alcohol or is present.”

Violation of the ordinance is a misdemeanor. Some situations would not be a violation of the ordinance. One of them is conduct related to a legally protected religious observance. Another is when an underage person is lawfully in possession of alcohol during the course of employment.


Medina and Independence have been collaborating on drafting a revised ordinance calling for no wakes from watercraft during periods of high water on Lake Independence. The current ordinance prohibits wakes within 250 feet of shore. The amended ordinance would apply the no wake restriction to the entire lake.

The Medina City Council said it was satisfied with the revised ordinance and directed city staff to send it to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for review.

City Administrator Scott Johnson said elevated levels of E. coli bacteria in Lake Independence have prompted Three Rivers Park District to close its beach on Lake Independence and post a sign at Medina’s boat launch. Medina posted a notice on its city website that swimming in Lake Independence is not advised. The notice still was on the website as of Monday, Aug. 11.



Plymouth and Medina will collaborate on improvements to Brockton Lane south of County Road 24. Some of the road surface will be milled away and then the road will be overlaid with blacktop. Only two properties are located on the Medina side of Brockton Lane — one of which is Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. A number of homes are located in Plymouth on the east side of Brockton Lane.

The Medina City Council held a public hearing, accepted the feasibility report prepared by Plymouth and ordered Medina’s share of the project. The two cities have agreed that Medina will pay $25,000. The two Medina property owners will pay special assessments to partially cover the cost.


The council approved an off-site gambling permit that allows the Hamel Lions Club to conduct bingo at Medina Celebration Day on Saturday, Sept. 20. Celebration Day will be at Hamel Legion Park.

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