Rockford School Board wraps up school construction projects

The Rockford Area School Board discussed a number of items at its July meeting, including an update of the summer construction at various area schools, the adoption of the health and safety policies for the upcoming academic year and a contract agreement with the University of St. Thomas regarding student teaching.


Construction, which has been underway in phases for months, goes into full swing over the summer months, tackling indoor and outdoor improvements at all campuses. At the high school, painting in the new rooms in the corridor outside the auditorium is underway, new rooftop units are in the process of being set, the commons addition footings and foundation in near completion and the new boiler room has been completed.

Furthermore, some of the lockers have been relocated and secured and the new school store and improvements to the band and choir rooms are nearly complete. The school’s locker rooms are being painted and new lockers are being installed and the auditorium will receive new sound and lighting equipment.

At the middle school, all major demolition has been completed. New steel joists in the classrooms are in place and the rooms are getting a fresh coat of paint and a new roof to be completed Aug. 1.

Activities planned for the next phase of construction include the baseball stadium, promenade project and the natural playground costs at the middle school are to be finalized.


Rockford School Board members voted to accept the existing health and safety policy for the 2014 academic year.

The purpose of the policy is to assist the school district in promoting health and safety, reducing injuries and complying with federal, state and local health and safety laws and regulations. The policy outlines the school board’s responsibilities to implement a health and safety program that includes specific plan requirements including various areas including, but not limited to: asbestos, fire safety, air quality, combustible and hazardous waste products, first aid, food safety and many others.

The school district accepts responsibility to train all employees in procedures, crisis and emergency response where these possible hazards could occur. Furthermore, administration will conduct and arrange safety inspections and drills and encourage employees to report unsafe or potentially unsafe working conditions or practices.


Rockford Area Schools entered into an agreement with the University of St. Thomas allowing students to practice student teaching in the schools. The Universtiy of St. Thomas would place students in the program to meet course requirements and to complete their field work.

A coordinator from the university will establish hours and dates for the student to practice teaching. A three-year agreement was passed between the Rockford School Board and the University of St. Thomas outlines the specifications and requirements of the University and the students. To view the details of this document, visit the Rockford Area Schools homepage.

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