Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion invites Veterans to join

The Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion invites all veterans to join the club in support of fellow veterans and the community. The Legion has been community partner for 95 years, making it the second longest serving service organization in the community, with the Osseo Fire Department being the first.

The Legion supports many children and youth activities such as, two Legion baseball teams, an American Heritage Girls Troop and Boys State.

AmerLegionAlong with the Legions’ children’s programs, the Post Service Officer works with veterans by helping them to get to the right place to apply for their VA benefits, providing transportation for those who need it to their VA appointments.

Nationally the American Legion has been in the forefront for making the Veterans Administration fully accountable for all the problems that have occurred in their clinics relating to denying veterans appointments. The Legion has held town hall meetings in Phoenix, Ariz.; Fort Collins, Colo.; El Paso, Texas; and St. Louis, Mo. The Legion has also testified to Congress, demanding the system be changed.

Throughout their history the Legion has always been there for veterans. It was the Legion was responsible for creating and helping get passed the original GI Bill. This has been credited as being the greatest piece of social legislation passed in the 20th Century.

If someone is a veteran who wants to help fellow veterans and the community, come join the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion. For further information, contact Membership Director Tom Olson by calling 763-269-2172 or by email at: [email protected]