Osseo Lions Roar Medallion Hunt begins now

The first-ever Osseo Lions Roar Medallion Hunt has officially begun. The medallion hunt will run for four consecutive weeks, from July 24 to Aug. 14, or until the medallion is found.

OlionRoarMedallionPremier Bank in Osseo is sponsoring the hunt and offering a $250 cash prize for the person that finds the medallion.

The medallion is hidden somewhere within the city of Osseo on public property.

Contest guidelines and rules are as follows:

1. The medallion will be found within the city of Osseo on public property.

2. No digging will be necessary.

3. No climbing will be necessary.

4. No disassembly will be required to find the medallion, including irrigation heads, light fixtures and park equipment.

5. Searchers must not deface public property or otherwise violate laws.

6. Searchers assume all risk for personal injury.

7. No employees of Sun Publication or their family members are eligible to win.

8. The winner’s name will be announced in August in the Osseo Lions Roar special edition.

9. The decisions of Osseo-Maple Grove Press and Osseo Lions are final.


Please adhere to the guidelines and rules to ensure the safety and respect of all. Whoever finds the medallion should contact Bob Guisinger at 763-424-7371.

The winner will be announced in the Osseo Lions Roar special section of the Osseo-Maple Grove Press.

Here is the first clue:

Search high, search low

Search all around Osseo.