Hanover approves transit joint powers

The Hanover City Council unanimously approved the Wright County cities Joint Powers Agreement for transit services.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation selected Trailblazer Transit as the preferred provider for Wright County in light of the River Rider service having ended. Negotiations between Trailblazer and the county board broke down in May, and the cities thus formed a joint powers to negotiate with Trailblazer.

The Hanover council met with other cities June 30 in St. Michael (see separate story) to discuss the Joint Powers and ultimately followed up the next day, July 1, in approving the agreement.

“By signing, Hanover is agreeing to form a joint powers board with the other cities,” administrative assistant Brian Hagen said. “From there, we will have a spot on the Trailblazer board to negotiate contracts and routes. The next 18 months are covered, a five year contract.”

Hagen did clarify that the cities still hope for the county board to take on the negotiating role again. He also said having transit services in Hanover helps a proposed senior housing project meet grant application parameters.

“One thing that helps (the senior housing project) is whether we have public transportation, and now we do,” he said.

In other action, the council:

AUTHORIZED storm water repairs/maintenance for the Rolling Oaks area in north, central Hanover on the east side of County Rd. 19, and Crow River Heights in the west part of the city south of County Rd. 34.