Rogers approves revised apartment plan

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council approved a revised plan to build a 156-unit apartment development known as Vincent Woods along County Rd. 81, just west of Marion Court.

The matter has been before the Council twice before. In January, the Council tabled a proposal for 192 units in 14 buildings over concerns of high density, traffic, and other issues.

In February, the Council was presented with a new plan that consisted of 216 units in 9 buildings. They tabled the issue for essentially the same reasons and told the developer to come back with a plan with less density, a playground, and a layout that could provide a buffer for nearby home owners.

The new application features five buildings of 24 units and one building of 36. The design also includes a playground, trail, trees and landscaping, and sufficient parking. More than half of the parking is underground.

The development still qualifies as high density, which required rezoning by the Council. However, six acres of the site will be left open for wetlands. This area is located along the east side of the 19-acre property and will also serve as a buffer between the new apartments and existing housing.

The Council also noted that the Metropolitan Council has been pushing for Rogers to have a residential development density of 3 units per acre. So this would help increase the city-wide average while the Council strives to retain large lot sizes in single family developments. They feel it is one of the things that attracts home buyers to the city.

In other matters, the City of Rogers has been budgeting funds to complete seal coating to extend the life of streets. Currently, they have accumulated $300,000. However, over the last few years, many cities have been experiencing issues with seal coat stripping and damaging the underlying pavement. Because of this, City staff has been wary of proceeding until they have more information or an alternative.

In the meantime, several streets appear to be experiencing severe deterioration. The Council approved a feasibility study to determine which streets will need repair this year. It will evaluate 147th Avenue, a portion of Northdale Boulevard, Orchid Avenue and parts of Mallard Estates.