Peachtree proposes 249-unit Corcoran development

Site would be opposite ball fields

The Corcoran City Council, Thursday, June 13, reviewed a proposal from Peachtree Partners LLC for 249 homes on 103.3 acres and granted the developer the first of many approvals that would be needed for the subdivision to become a reality.

Peachtree requested an amendment to the city’s comprehensive plan that would change the land use for the Schendel property at 20400 County Road 10 from high-density residential and mixed residential to low-density residential. The council voted 4-1 to submit the proposed amendment for review by the Metropolitan Council and to change Corcoran’s sanitary sewer phasing plan.

City Councilor Diane Lynch said she voted no on the comprehensive plan amendment because she thought Peachtree had not adequately explained why the amendment was needed. “I am not anti-development,” she said.

After the Met Council makes its comments, the Corcoran Council can approve the plan amendment.

The council also gave Peachtree feedback on its sketch plan for the development, which, at this point, does not have a name. The plan shows a triangular-shaped development, with the bottom of the triangle overlapping County Road 10 and fronting along the eastern edge of Corcoran’s ball fields. County Road 10 would be vacated at that point, and realigned to Meister Road. Traffic would enter the subdivision at County Road 50.

The southeast corner has 4.8 acres reserved for 23 town homes. Peachtree is asking for the option of developing that portion of the site as single-family detached homes, if there is no market for town homes within a certain time frame.

City Councilor Tom Cossette asked that the town homes be kept in the site plan until the last phase of development. He wanted future city council members to make the decision about whether town homes or single-family homes would sit on that site.

Having town homes in the development is “a biggy,” he said. “This is a great place for retirement houses.”

Cossette also said Corcoran should not vacate County Road 10 to accommodate the development. Vacating the roadway would result in the loss of park space, and the city “can’t afford to lose park space.” Traffic could enter the development off of County Road 10. He also asked Peachtree to find internal space in the development for a park.

Mayor Ken Guenthner called the Peachtree proposal “a catalyst” for the city going back and “reconfiguring” its recreational space.

Corcoran resident David Knodel, an attorney who has done real estate work, said he favored the comp plan amendment. If Corcoran wants municipal sewer and water outside of the Wayzata School District, the city needs to start with single-family housing. This development then would draw in the sewer and water utilities.

“These folks have a reasonable proposal,” Knodel said. “They’re experienced developers. Any vote against the comprehensive plan amendment would indicate incredible anti-developer bias on the part of the city of Corcoran.”


The City Council held a public hearing on Corcoran’s proposed road stabilization program for this year and then decided to determine assessments at its July 24 meeting.

City Engineer Vince Vandertop said assessment amounts will depend upon whether a resident lives on a high-density collector road, low-density collector road or local road. Assessments could range from $24.62 to $220.90, with $118 as the most common amount. Final assessments might be less, but they will not be higher.


Corcoran issued bonds for financing the new public works building at the same time that it was finalizing the project plans. Some parts of the project, costing $173,000, were not included in the original financing. City Administrator Brad Martens said the sewer and water utility is operated out of the public works building. He suggested that Corcoran include the $173,000 in a bond sale for funding sewer and water projects. The council approved this idea.


The City Council also:

APPROVED $12,525 for abating asbestos problems during demolition of the old public works office building on Cain Road.

APPROVED site plan amendments requested by Lano Equipment for constructing a storage building at 23580 Hwy. 55.

ACCEPTED bids from BV construction for constructing the Hope Center at Maple Hill Estates and approved agreements with Mobile Hope regarding finances, program management and facility construction.

APPROVED the city’s mission and values statements and the related work plan.

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