Corcoran decides how to focus its energies

“Know where you want to be and how to get there,” said Corcoran City Administrator Brad Martens.

He said this after the Corcoran City Council approved a city mission, vision and values statement at its June 12 meeting. The document also includes Corcoran’s strategic goals and a work plan giving dates by which tasks should be completed. This reading material gives specifics on what Corcoran might look like in the future.

Martens called the statement a “living document” that gives city staff direction on what tasks to focus on. Corcoran has an administrative staff of four people serving a city with a population of 6,000, so this type of direction will help staff put its time to best use.

“Choose what you can do and do it well,” he said.

The City Council began work on the mission, vision and values statement at a retreat in March. Councilors sifted through potential statements that called for very different futures for the city.

The council settled upon a mission statement that says, “The city of Corcoran will provide high quality public services in a cost effective, responsible and professional manner in order to create a preferred environment to live, work, play and transact business.”

The values statement calls for excellence and quality in delivery of services, fiscal responsibility, ethics and integrity, open and honest communication, treating the citizen as a customer, professionalism and equal opportunity.

The document moves from the conceptual level to specifics. It has a section on service delivery objectives, such as addressing concerns in a prompt and thorough manner, providing 24 hour public safety protection, focusing public works efforts on maintaining public infrastructure, monitoring complaints and enforcing the city code and seeking partnerships with volunteer groups and associations.

Financial management objectives include maintaining an adequate financial base to sustain a sufficient level of municipal services, achieving a high bond credit rating, investing in the community to prepare for future needs, updating the five year financial plan each year to incorporate actual conditions facing the city, establishing user fees for certain services, establishing a capital improvement fund to pay for ongoing capital equipment and establishing a pavement improve fund to pay for investments in the city’s transportation system.

Other objectives in the document relate to development in parts of Corcoran that are in the Metropolitan Urban Service Area and parts of the city that are rural.

Objectives for urban Corcoran include denial of Agricultural Preserves requests. Another objective calls for sufficient population density to attract commercial amenities while not over concentrating the highest densities into design of new developments. Development in the northeast district would revolve around a commercial-retail center and business park serving a mix of low and medium residential properties. Development in the southwest district would revolve around high quality business parks along Highway 55 and County Road 19.

Objectives for rural Corcoran include approval of Agricultural Preserve requests, protection of agricultural purposes and accessory uses and natural resources and efficient, future extension of public infrastructure. The city also would promote clustering of housing to preserve open space and natural features and limit access onto arterial and collector streets.

Strategic goals in the related work plan for this year cover two pages. Some of the goals are investigating the possibility of video recorded city council meetings to host on the web site, evaluating staffing gaps and organizational needs, incorporating a staffing proposal into the 2015 budget, establishing a training plan for the public works department and developing a draft plan to pave roads. Goals for parks are prominent in the work plan. The city will review standards for park design in the comprehensive plan, design park improvements, develop a budget for park improvements and establish priorities for park improvements.

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