Volunteers needed for Maple Grove Days

Each year the success of Maple Grove Days is guaranteed because of the hundreds of individuals, families, church members and businesses who come together to volunteer during the festival.

This year, the Maple Grove Community Organization Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Key and the rest of the committee, search for volunteers interested in helping during the week of July 9 to 13. The events of Maple Grove Days will not succeed without the hard work performed by Key and many others. She communicates with other MGCO committees for support of volunteers, calls on past volunteers seeking their time commitment again and keeps things organized for the smooth-running activities of the festival.

There are many different types of jobs with which to help. Some are perfect for the whole family as these jobs teach the importance of community involvement to children, as well as spending time together having fun. Many churches in Maple Grove have joined in the community celebration by promoting their members to volunteer together. Businesses have asked their employees to volunteer and join the community festival. And, of course, many individuals, young and not so young, come forward each year to volunteer.

So whatever interests someone, consider one of the many jobs available throughout the week, most ranging in time shifts of 2-3 hours, with indoor and outdoor options. People can monitor the parade, work at a booth, set up or tear down around the venue, help children at their many activities, direct traffic around the parking lot, along with many other options. Each position is important and necessary, so consider joining the MGCO, as a group or individually. Volunteers will get more acquainted with the community of Maple Grove and meet new people.

To volunteer call the MGCO message line at 763-494-5985 or e-mail at [email protected]