Citing time, Dist. 877 board member resigns


Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Dist. 877 School Board Acting Clerk/Treasurer Dean Perry announced at the recent board meeting that he is resigning effective June 30.

He noted that it’s been a challenge for him to make the commitment that is necessary to be on the board. Perry said that he is going to miss working with the board but will continue to stay as involved as possible. Supt. Scott Thielman and the board thanked Perry for his years of service, noting that his leadership will be missed.

The recommendation for finding a replacement will be to take applications and interview for the open seat. More information about the process, when it becomes available, will be posted on the district’s website and Facebook pages.


District Strategic Plan 

In other news, Supt. Scott Thielman thanked everyone who was involved with the year and a half long strategic planning process review and the plan that was produced. The new strategic plan will provide focus and direction for the district for the next five to seven years. It is estimated to have included feedback from approximately 1,000 individuals through community conversations, focus groups, and a community phone survey. The plan was led by a steering committee of 12 people who represented parents and community members, staff, administration and school board members.

The steering committee met eight times and logged about 40 hours during the strategic planning process.

The new strategic plan is based on four broad goals and four to six strategies for each goal. The plan will guide the district in future decisions about curriculum, instruction, staffing and financial priorities beginning in the fall of 2014.

The following are the four goal statements and descriptions, which will keep BHM Schools focused on what direction to go and for what reasons:


1. Life skills: Purposefully integrate life skills to prepare our students to become contributing members of the community. Description: Effective life skills are invaluable in our changing society. Committed to cultivating holistic programming for students’ long-term success.

2. Whole Child: Invest in the whole child to fully develop their social, emotional, mental and physical health. Description: Committed to understanding and addressing each child’s needs. Ensure necessary resources are accessible and available to all students. Promote physical activity during the school day and create a safe learning environment for all students.

3. Pathways: Provide a variety of educational pathways for all students to succeed in a college or career setting. Description: Committed to providing each student a rigorous and broad curriculum, grounded in the core academic disciplines and enhanced by opportunities that are part of a well-rounded education.

4. Engagement: engage community by fostering a positive relationship between key stakeholders and schools. Description: committed to creating a mutually beneficial relationship between our district and the community by increasing authentic stakeholder involvement, developing connections, and creating meaningful opportunities that allow the community to invest in the success of our students.