Osseo awards Police Building addition bid

Council officially accepted the resignation of Bonnie Heinen

The Osseo City Council confirmed actions by the Economic Development Authority that awarded a bid for the Police Building addition during its meeting Tuesday, May 27.

The council also officially accepted the resignation of Bonnie Heinen from her position on the council.

A separate story on the termination of the city finance director can be found in this paper.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.



The council confirmed an action from the Economic Development Authority meeting, just prior to the council meeting. The action took by the EDA was to award a bid of $728,000 to CM Construction Company for the Police Building addition. The project includes adding a 3,465-square-foot addition onto City Hall to house the police department and remodel the basement of City Hall for storage and locker room facilities.

The estimate for the addition was for $878,000. Bids were opened May 20.

The EDA received a total of 10 bids for the project. Bids ranged from $728,000 to $1.15 million, with CM Construction Company coming in as the low bidder.

Financing for the project would be made up of bonds sold by the EDA to finance the construction of the building. The EDA would then lease the building to the city for an amount equal to the annual bond payments. Some existing monies from the General Fund may also be used to finance the project. The council also confirmed the adoption of a resolution calling for the EDA to lease revenue bonds for the police building.

The project is anticipated to take six months to complete, with the demolition of the old police building and reconstruction of the parking lot done in spring 2015.


vacant council seat

Also during the meeting, the council accepted the city council resignation of Bonnie Heinen and declared a vacancy on the council.

The mayor and council received a resignation letter from councilor Heinen May 22. She cited “health reasons” for her resignation. Heinen has been on the council since January 2013. Her term expires at the end of 2016.

“State statue provides that a special election shall be held at or before the next regular city election if more than two years remain in the unexpired term and the vacancy occurs before the first day to file affidavits of candidacy for the next regular city election,” City Administrator Doug Reeder said.

This special election will take place at the same as the general election this November.

Councilor Mark Schulz said, “I personally believe it’s important to have a full council. I think it’s important to have people up here representing the folks of the community.”

He suggested appointing someone to Heinen’s seat based on the last elections results, stating that person with next most votes was Dan Spanier. Mayor Duane Poppe added, “Last time we asked to have the voting records pulled to show who was in the rank and order.”

City Attorney Loren Magsam said the council could appoint someone to the vacant seat until the next election in November.

“I want to say thank you council member Heinen for your service to the city,” Mayor Poppe added. “Appreciate it, thank you.”



In other action, the council:

RECEIVED notice that the city was awarded a $6,564 grant for further evaluation of the north water tower next to City Hall.

ADOPTED a resolution approving the plans and specifications for the 2014 County Road 30 sanitary sewer improvement project and authorize advertisement for bids. The county will be resurfacing County Road 30 in August and the city will be putting in new sewer line on County Road 30 to replace a pipe now in a private easement,which is not large enough for the continued downtown development. The project would be paid out of the $500,000 of funding from tax increment. Work would be done in July.

APPROVED the new Personnel Policy, which make all new employees “at will” employees. Other changes includes: sick leave maximum will go from 800 hours to 960 hours and at termination an employee would be paid for 50 percent of sick leave instead of 10 percent.

ACCEPTED the resignation of Public Works Maintenance Worker Wayne Faue effective June 3.

ANNOUNCED the city will also hold a garage sale June 6 and 7 to sell some of the surplus items from the basement of City Hall.