Champlin Police Chief recognizes department’s ‘good work’

By Megan Hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


Champlin Police Chief Dave Kolb gave a presentation on the work of the city’s police department in the 2013 year. City Administrator Bret Heitkamp administered an Oath of Office to a new police officer. The Oath was taken by the new officer and other officers in the department. Furthermore, the city responded to a request by a resident to incorporate more pickleball courts within Champlin’s parks.



The structure of the Champlin Police Department is made up of the chief, deputy chief, clerical supervisor, four police sergeants, a patrol division, an investigative division and other specialty area staff.

Chief Kolb reviewed the officers’ work load with the council and staff. He stated that 9,471 field incidents were generated last year. This means that officers saw suspicious acts or potential law violations occurring within the city and took action to prevent it. In 2013 the Champlin Police Department received 8,209 requests for police assistance.

This is a total of 17,680 incidents, but Kolb explained this does not mean that number of police reports were issued. In cases of a safety check, officers would not issue a report. A total of 12,647 cases were filed. This included anything from a citation to a 20 or 30 page investigative report. Approximately 5,900 of these reports were non-criminal incidents such as lock outs, medical situations and vehicle accidents.

The Champlin Police Department conducted and assisted with 141 narcotics investigations last year.

Chief Kolb addressed the issue of response times reporting, “I don’t think response times get a lot of attention, but for me this number is vital to a successful police force.”

Kolb added that the average emergency response time within the city was 3.64 minutes. Non-emergency response times were slower at just over 6 minutes.

Next on the report was the budget. The chief said that last year, one of the goals of the department and of the city in general was to set aside money to replace the 800 megahertz radios. The original radios purchased in 2002 were only expect to last for a duration of seven years. In 2009 there was talk of replacing them, but the department wasn’t able to do that until recently.

“By the time we’re done replacing all of the radios, the old ones will be 14 years old, so we’ve gotten some good use out of them,” Kolb said.

During the report, Kolb added that last year the Champlin Police Department received a $6,000 donation from the Champlin Dayton Athletic Association to help fund the DARE Program. The department also received $2,100 from CenterPoint Energy which was used for battery replacements for the outdoor warning sirens.

Lastly, Chief Kolb recognized the good work of the officers and staff.

“The number of awards we received last year and the things they were issued for is very impressive,” said Chief Kolb. “I can’t say enough about the work of our staff and the good things they do.”



At a previous meeting, Champlin resident David Schepbauer requested council and staff consider locations for pickleball courts in Champlin’s parks and recreation system.

Parks and Facilities Manager Charles Lehn responded to the request. After evaluating several options, the city has come to a temporary conclusion to add three pickleball courts at the Ice Forum in the outdoor rinks. Lehn added that the nets for these courts have been ordered and Lehn anticipates that in the near future lines will be painted on the courts. Lehn believes this serves as a good temporary location because the ice forum is lit, refreshments are served and rest rooms are easily accessible for participants. Lehn added that future projects are being looked at potentially at Brittney, Andrew’s, or Withern Park.

“We are pleased to announce to the council that this issue has been addressed and we hope to have these pickleball courts up and running in the next week,” Lehn said.



In other news, police Officer Brittney Crocker took an Oath of Office with fellow Champlin Police Officers by her side. Crocker brings the Champlin Police force to its current authorized strength of 25 officers.


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