Osseo councilor Heinen to resign, citing health

Two announcements were made to the Osseo City Council during its meeting Monday, May 12.

City Administrator Doug Reeder told the council that at the end of the year and after 22 years of service, City Attorney Loren Magsam is thinking about ending his work relationship with the city.

“We have from now until to December to straighten him out on that thinking a little bit,” Reeder said. He added that the council does have the time now to work on adjusting the 2015 budget to accommodate for the costs for a potential new city attorney.

Secondly, Reeder informed the council that through a letter from her attorney, councilor Bonnie Heinen will be resigning from her position on the council effective immediately due to health concerns. Reeder said Attorney Magsam did contact Heinen’s attorney suggesting to him “that if Heinen wants to resign the she should in fact sign a letter … and sent to the city council.”

The council would have to determine what it would want to do after receiving the letter of resignation. “You have no obligation to fill a vacancy,” Reeder said. “You have the ability to that if you want to. It would be a special election on the November election for the two years of the unfulfilled term remaining in her term.”

Mayor Duane Poppe suggested city staff pull the last voting records results to see who the citizens may have in mind.

Also during the meeting, the council heard about a request from the Osseo Lions Club for a conceptual plan for a new shelter in Sipe Park.

This and other action took place during the meeting.



Administrator Reeder said the Osseo Lions were proposing to construct and donate a park shelter in Sipe Park to the city. The project’s costs will be paid for by the Lions. This shelter will be used for people to gather under and sit at picnic tables.

This is a rendering of the what a future shelter in Sipe Park would look like. This project would be built and funded by the Osseo Lions Club.
This is a rendering of the what a future shelter in Sipe Park would look like. This project would be built and funded by the Osseo Lions Club.

“My understanding is the Osseo Lions are prepared to construct, at no cost to the city, this entire structure,” he said.

Before the shelter is built the city has asked the Lions to apply for a building permit in the typical manner including a site plan and all required building plans. At that time the City Council may waive whatever fees the city can waive.

The Lions have a goal to get the shelter constructed before July.

Councilor Mark Schulz said the shelter would be a nice addition to the park. He asked, “Is it going to have electrical in it?”

Councilor Allan Hartkopf, who is also a member of the Osseo Lions Club, said they would include a solar panel on top of the shelter and run a security light off of it. There would also be plug in for people to use.

The council approved the request of the Osseo Lions for concept plan approval of the construction of a park shelter in Sipe Park with the understanding that the Lions will submit the required materials for a building permit before the start of construction.



In other action, the council:

ADOPTED a resolution calling for a public hearing June 9 on the issuance of health care facility revenue notes and authorizing the publication of a notice of a hearing for the Maranatha Care Center Project. The city will be looking to issue $7 million in bonds for Brooklyn Center with no obligation to Osseo. The city of Brooklyn Center will also be compensating the city of Osseo for its help.

AWARDED a spray patching contract to the low bidder of RCM Specialities Inc. in the amount of $54,625 for the 2014 seal coating program.