Greenfield receives high marks on annual audit

Greenfield City Council discussion and action items at its May 6 meeting included the annual audit findings and temporary seasonal employment.


The 2013 annual audit findings were presented to the Council by Matthew Vos of Abdo, Eick and Meyers. The accompanying management letter, covering internal controls and state mandates, was part of the presentation noting compliance and highlighting improvements and strengths in the city’s accounting.

Vos told the council that checks and balances with formal documentation put in place over the past fiscal year helped to alleviate deficiencies noted in the past. For cities the size of Greenfield, Vos noted, over 90 percent of them receive findings for internal procedures, including payroll and check disbursement, generally due to the small number of staff, and over 75 percent for issues in regard to documentation. Vos told the council that it, staff and the finance committee were to be commended for addressing and improving these points of financial operation. He added that the city’s decision to have quality accounting assistance outside of city staff demonstrates dedication to transparent financial operation.

Vos addressed the general fund, revenue, expenditures and tax collection per capita reporting approval across the board.

The council unanimously approved management letter and audited financial services for 2013 as prepared.


Greenfield Public Works Supervisor Jeremy Ketcher, along with Administrator Bonnie Ritter, presented the council a proposal for a temporary hire from May 19 to Oct. 24. The position would help the Public Works Department keep up throughout the season in a number of areas from weed control and mowing to ditch maintenance. There would be a 40-hour a week cap with no overtime, and an hourly rate of $14. According to Ketcher, who talked to local landscape businesses, the mowing season is generally considered to be 27 weeks. The length of the proposed position is 23 weeks.

The council was in agreement that aside from keeping up on the mowing and the addition of park-related maintenance and improvements at Central Park, along with some of the progress made in 2013 in ditching maintenance, it would serve the city well at this point to hire temporary help through late October.

Action was taken to go forward with the hire.

In other business, the council entertained a request by residents on the 7700 block of Erick Street to put a driveway in on Greenfield Road. Ketcher expressed concern over safety issues regarding the line of sight for traffic on the road in regard to the proposed driveway.

The access request was given approval by the council.

The next regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council is 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 20, at 6390 Town Hall Drive.