City of Dayton to host open host

Notice is hereby given that a Scoping Environmental Assesment Worksheet (EAW) has been prepared for the following project:

The proposed French Lake Industrial Center project would entail the development of approximately 160.8 acres within the City of Dayton, MN. The land in question is generally bordered by French Lake to the east and Brockton Lane N. to the west, and, to date, is primarily made up of open farm fields, wooded areas and wetlands. Complete development of the site would result in seven buildings containing 1.85M square feet of industrial warehousing and distribution space. By State Statue, this level of development requires a mandatory environmental review, so an Alternative Urban Areawide Review will be prepared based upon the findings resulting from this EAW scoping document. The public is asked to provide feedback on environmental issues of concern for this site and alternatives that could be considered by the RGU for additional study.

A copy of the Scoping EAW is available at City Hall or by contacting Matthew Gindele at (763) 421-3487. Comments can be submitted to Matthew Gindele at [email protected] or by mail to City of Dayton, 12260 S. Diamond Lake Road.

Comments will be accepted until June 11, 2014.