Not a Mistake

To the Editor:


Maple Grove City Councilor, LeAnn Sargent, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a gross misdemeanor for financial exploitation. The sentencing judge did no favors for the citizens of Maple Grove when he opted out of the felony charge.

Meanwhile, the narcissistic behavior of Ms. Sargent is perpetual as she ignores the resignation request of the mayor and her fellow councilors. In the Press’ April 24th article “Maple Grove Council asks for Sargent’s resignation” Ms. Sargent is quoted as saying, “Many stories show one side. I am not in way, shape, or form negating what I ended up having to do.” She went on to apologize and state she unfortunately made mistakes.

I take serious issue with two aspects of her statement. First, there appears to be little accountability and this is apparent due to her word choices. Secondly, she calls her actions mistakes. A mistake is when one goes to the store and grabs 1 percent milk when the intention is skim. A mistake is when one writes the word “there” when the intention is “their.” These are examples of mistakes. Ms. Sargent’s conscious decisions and actions are not mistakes, rather unethical, immoral, and illegal choices.

Personal benefit continues to be Ms. Sargent’s motivation. She persists with being self-absorbed and arrogant. She seems to possess a sense of entitlement. These qualities and her detrimental decisions exclude her from being a trusted person and worthy of the council seat.


Kristi Reyes

Maple Grove