Asking Councilor Sargent to step down

To the Editor:


I read with great interest the discussion and actions of the Maple Grove City Council regarding LeAnn Sargent. This is not the first time LeAnn Sargent has taken questionable actions. In the past, she has also been accused of not recusing herself from discussions that were potentially a conflict of interest as they personally benefitted her financially.

Now we have confirmation of actions she took that were against the law and for which she has been convicted. On top of this, she owes a large amount of money to her family — which needs to be paid back within 24 months. How can anyone think that the sum of these facts does not put Ms. Sargent in a position where she will be considering her own situation foremost rather than the good of the City of Maple Grove? Would any of our City Council members trust her to manage their own personal finances?

This is not just a “family matter” — it is proof of Ms. Sargent’s selfish and illegal actions. Yet we are trusting her to make decisions for the City of Maple Grove?! Ms. Sargent, you need to do the right thing and immediately step down from your position on the City Council!


Linda Spotts

Maple Grove