Rogers approves plans for business relocation

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council gave preliminary approval to plans for Turbine Pros to relocate within the city to a new 30,000-square-foot building.

The new building will be constructed on land just west of Hwy. 101 at 147th Avenue. It will serve as the company’s headquarters. The building will include 8910 sq. ft. of office space for the company’s executives and other staff. The remaining 21,090 square feet will be warehouse space. Turbine Pros provides repair services for power turbines throughout North America.

The Council approved a building height of 37 feet, even though the maximum allowed height on the land is 35 ft. The increased height is necessary because the size of the equipment requires 32 feet of clearance height below the bar joist to move and store it. The taller building will allow them to store their equipment indoors, rather than outdoors, as it currently does.

“I don’t really see a big issue with an extra two feet. Especially with the fact that they’re eliminating their outdoor storage. I think that’s a good trade off there,” said Council member Rick Ihli.

The Turbine Pros project is part of a future development plan for the 36.5-acre site, now named Launch Park. It was formerly known as the Stegora property. The Planning Commission had heard from two residents with concerns about what might be built on the rest of the land. But as no plans are yet in place for other development, the Planning Commission recommended its approval of the plan.

The Council also held a public hearing for its Wellhead Protection Plan. The plan is mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health. Rogers gets its drinking water from underground aquifers.

The plan identified sources of the City’s drinking water supply and potential contaminants. The source water aquifer in Rogers have been identified as not vulnerable or low vulnerability.

The plan is expected to be approved by the Minnesota Department of Health by August.