Osseo grants approvals for new police hall

Future plans for the Osseo Police Department addition to City Hall were the topic of the Osseo City Council Monday, April 28 meeting. The council approved several items regarding the addition, including a lot combination, site plan application and building plans and specifications.



The council approved a lot combination application by the city for the future Osseo Police Department addition to City Hall.

City Planner Riley Grams said the request for the lot combination was for parcels of city properties located at 415 Central Ave. (City Hall), 20 Fifth Street N.W. (northern parking lot), and two unassigned parcels (southern parking lot and current police building).

The Osseo Economic Development Authority previously owned the three parcels, but approved conveying the parcels to the city on April 14 for the purposes of combining the parcels to allow for the construction of the addition.

On April 21, the Osseo Planning Commission also recommended approval of the lot combination.

The lot combination is needed because Minnesota State Building Code does not allow for a continuous building to be built over an existing property line. The city must combine all properties into one parcel, which eliminates the property lines.



In a related matter, the council received a site plan application from Buetow 2 Architect to construct an addition onto City Hall for the purposes of housing the Osseo Police Department. According to Grams, the site plan includes the removal of the existing single-family residential home which currently houses the Police Department and to reconfigure the existing the City Hall parking lot to allow for better access and increase the number of parking spaces.

The Police Department has been located in the home for over 16 years, which was supposed to be a temporary set up. After researching several locations, the concept of building an addition on to City Hall was approved. The addition concept will add 3,460 square feet on the west side of City Hall, which includes a 1,022-square-foot 3-stall garage to house three police vehicles. There will be a booking/intox/photo room, receptionist office, open office space, chief’s office, conference space, squad room/break room and waiting space.

The concept also makes use of the existing basement in City Hall, some of the 1,600-square-foot area will be used for police locker rooms, evidence room, armory and police storage. “We will be remodeling the basement area, which is under utilized now,” City Administrator Doug Reeder. “It was a pretty good idea of the architect to use that space.”

Grams said there was some staff discussion about the garage access off of Fifth Street N.W. and concerns about pedestrians walking on the sidewalk should a police vehicle need to respond to an emergency. Options have been discussed like some type of signal or warning system to alert pedestrians of a vehicle leaving the garage.

The building addition would tie into the City Hall building’s sprinkler system, plumbing and water lines. The four existing windows located on the west side of the building will also be reused in the addition.

Once the addition is completed, the single-family home will be demolished. The existing City Hall parking lot will be reconfigured and repaved to create more parking spaces.

The council unanimously approved the site plan application at 415 Central Ave. Buetow 2 Architects.



Also, the council adopted a resolution approving plans and specifications with addendum and ordering the advertisement for bids for the police building addition.

Councilor Mark Schulz said there were some amendments to the plan that might be added. Modris Feders, Principal Architect with Buetow 2 Architects, said any changes to the plan would be included in an addendum issued during the bidding process.

Architects of Buetow 2 Architects recently completed the plans and specifications for the addition on to City Hall. The total project cost is estimated to be $808,000, which includes demolition of the current police building and repaving the parking lot. Grams said the project would be funded by bonds sold by the EDA with the possible use of existing funds to reduce the bonding requirements.

Administrator Reeder said the bonding would be over a 20-year period of time. “The estimate per year for bonding that we have right now … is some where between $70,000 and $90,000 a year that we have to collect in taxes to pay for this building for the next 20 years,” he added.

The building will be built under the authority of EDA and will be leased to the city for the term of the bond issue. The EDA will then sell the building to the city of $1.

Bids will be received by May 20. The council and EDA will then be presented with the bids on May 27 to consider awarding a bid to the lowest bidder.