Letter to the editor: Do we really need new street lights?

Three dollars every month added to our property tax? The Champlin Council says they can’t afford street lighting.

Well, how many times have you drove by a baseball field with no one around but all the lights are on? A group or club that wants to play at night should have to reserve and pay for the lighting cost.

As for the skating rinks in the winter time, I’ve rarely seen more than three people skating, sometimes only one. Isn’t one light enough?

Furthermore, why is it Champlin can’t afford street lighting that is meant for safety but they can afford a splash pad?

Isn’t safety more important that fun and a waste of water? Will it have to be lit up like daylight also?

Champlin Council has to get their heads out of the clouds and decide what’s really important and what’s not.

A splash pad costs millions of dollars to build and maintain. Wouldn’t you rather have safely lit streets?


Darlan Gulden,