Slow drivers should get out of left lane

To the Editor:


Just read managing editor Aaron Brom’s editorial on slow driving.

I couldn’t agree more. I would argue that slow driving is more dangerous than a speeder in many cases. As you stated, the best plan is to go with the speed of the traffic. It’s not the slow driver’s place to play traffic cop and slow everyone else down.

One other element the editor didn’t mention is the epidemic in Minnesota of slow drivers in the left lane! It’s crazy how some people just don’t get it. Keep up or at least get out of the way. So much rage could be avoided if slow traffic would just keep right.

As far as outlawing talking on a phone, using a handsfree device, I think wishing for a ban is overreaching. If, looking forward, talking handsfree to another person is too dangerous then surely we should ban all talking in cars. Turning and talking to a passenger is even more distracting. You can’t outlaw everything just because of a little risk. The benefit of being able to communicate while driving can be high.

Driving isn’t ever going to be risk free. Texting is a problem but we can take every issue too far.


Ryan Kingstedt,