‘Humble hero’ pulls woman out of car in submerged pond


Rogers Police are crediting a “humble hero” for pulling a woman out of a storm pond after she lost control of her vehicle on eastbound Interstate 94 Monday afternoon, April 14.

Capt. Mike Miler was the first officer at the scene of eastbound I-94 just west of Veit Companies.

“By the time I got there this man had stopped his vehicle, went out to the pond, got her out of vehicle and safely onto the shore,” Miller said. “In my eyes he is a hero. I’ve been doing this a long time and this guy was one of the most humble heroes I’ve ever come across.”

He was talking about Cody Shirley, 30, of Hugo. Miller said Shirley calmly walked back to his truck, dried off a bit and was on his way as more rescue vehicles arrived at the scene.

“He said it’s something anybody would have done, and just took off. He wasn’t looking for any accolades,” he said.

But the hero might just get accolades after all, because Miller said he would talk to Chief Jeff Beahen about some type of recognition for Shirley’s actions.

“He got into the water, waded through the pond, opened the door and got that female out of her vehicle,” he said. “In my eyes he is a hero.”

The driver, a 45 year old woman from St. Paul, was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons, as the temps that day were near freezing and very windy. Miller said she was otherwise not injured. He said the car was not fully submerged but that water was over the head rest, posing a danger of drowning.

“I think she’s in pretty good shape,” Miller said.