Maple Grove favors plan for new 2-story medical building

The Maple Grove City Council considered the Grove Health West project during its meeting Monday, April 7. 

The council also heard a request for an addition to Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.



City Planner Peter Vickerman presented the council with the Grove Health West project, a 41,810-square-foot, two-story medical building. The project would be located just north of Aldi and across from the Cambria Suites, east of Grove Circle and west of Maple Grove Parkway.

The building would be built of a combination of brick, block and EIFS with windows.

Councilor Karen Jaeger asked if there would be an issue with people exiting the parking lot and meeting traffic leaving Aldi’s. The applicant, Ken Streeter said, “That’s been studied a little bit by your staff and Ryan’s (construction0 staff and they feel that it will be fine.”

The council voted 4-0 to direct the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the planned unit development (PUD) development stage plan, including site plan for Grove Health West, subject to several conditions.



The council also considered a request for a conditional use permit for the purpose of constructing a 7,038-square-foot worship addition to the existing Redeemer Lutheran Church, 9200 Elm Creek Blvd.

Planner Vickerman said the new addition would house the worship area with 250 seats. The existing and previously approved preschool would also move into the addition along with a new playground.

The applicant proposed a landscaping plan with shrubs that would screen the headlights from cars shining into adjacent neighbors homes.

The council directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the conditional use permit, including the site plan for Redeemer Lutheran Church, subject to several conditions.


HWY. 610

With the continuing push towards the beginning of the construction of the final 2.5-mile segment of Highway 610, the council gathered up some loose ends.

The council first approved limited use permits with Minnesota Department of Transportation for pedestrian trails in the highway or interstate highway right-of-way. As part of the improvements to the new portion of the Hwy. 610 project, MnDOT will be constructing pedestrian trails along Fernbrook Lane, Maple Grove Parkway and 105th Avenue for safe and orderly crossing of the highway.

Secondly, the council adopted a resolution requesting a variance from MnDOT State Aid Operation Standards for a 19-foot clear zone on 105th Avenue between Holly Lane and Ranchview Lane.

This approval is needed to allow the construction of Hwy. 610 and 105th Avenue.



In other action, the council:

ACCEPTED the update the Fire Department Rules and Regulations- Paid-on-Call Fire Department Participation rules effective April 7.

APPROVED the promotion of Karla Anderson to the position of Commercial Appraiser at an annual salary of $79,855 effective May 5, subject to a 6-month probationary period.