Dist. 877, teachers agree on new contract

The Dist. 877 Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School board heard that the district and teachers agreed to a new two-year contract.

Director of Human Resouces Moreen Martell reported that the district and teachers agreed to the terms of a contract for 2013-15 school years.

Martell said, “How many districts can say they look forward to negotiation sessions, and how many can say the sessions were fun?”

There were six sessions and Martell said each one was positive, professional, respectful and included members sharing personal stories and laughter. She emphasized how they all worked together to come to a fair settlement. Martell publicly thanked the teacher representatives of Denise Casey – Chief Negotiator; Cindy Ralston – Union President; Jeff Lindstrom, Tim Murray, Brad Robinson and Todd Manninen for their leadership.

Along with contract language changes for the 2013-15 Master Agreement there were compensation changes that resulted in a two percent increase in year one and another two percent increase in year two. Increases were also made to benefits that combined with the salary increases totaled 7.34 percent.


Budget Assumptions

In other action, the 2014-15 budget assumptions provide the framework for developing next year’s budget. While there is always a list of items that affect the budget, the following are a few highlighted by Finance and Operations Director Gary Kawlewski:

• $189.55 board approved referendum approved in 2013-no additional referendum authority

• General Ed revenue formula allowance moves to estimated $5,806 for 2014-15

• Special Education aid increases 1 percent

• 2.5 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) special education staffing contingency

• Continuation of 6.0 FTE for Class Size Reduction, includes marketing budget

• All-Day, Every Day Kindergarten rolls from the Community Education fund to the General Fund

• 3.3 FTE addition to move to full implementation of free All-Day, Every Day Kindergarten

• 6.0 FTE addition for Location Equity Revenue funding