City of Greenfield
(Official Publication)
The City Council of the City of Greenfield, Minnesota, does ordain:
That Chapter 100 – Park Regulations, be added to the City Code as follows:
100.01 Purpose. The rules in this section are enacted to ensure the quiet, orderly, and responsible use and enjoyment of the citys public park facilities. The rules apply in all areas owned or operated by the city as park facilities.
100.05 Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following terms have the meanings given below.
1. Park facility means any area owned or operated by the city of Greenfield as a public park, recreational trail, athletic field, skating rink, or other recreational facility.
2. Picnic area means that portion of a park facility containing a picnic shelter and picnic tables and all area within 50 feet of the shelter and tables.
100.10 Hours of Operation.
1. The public park will be open for public use only between dawn and dusk of each day.
2. Further restrictions on the hours and days of operation may be approved by the city administrator on a temporary basis when deemed necessary in the public interest and will become effective upon posting in each affected area.
3. No person and no vehicle, except authorized city personnel and vehicles, are permitted in or on any park facility when it is not open to the public.
100.15 General Rules. The following rules apply in and on all park facilities.
1. Horses are not permitted in the park or on the trails.
2. With the exception of seeing-eye and police dogs, dogs and cats are not permitted within a picnic area, and park building, and on any developed, improved or maintained area of turf, asphalt, and hard surface, and in any other unauthorized area. In areas that are not improved and not maintained, a dog or cat must be kept under human control either by a leash or voice command. On all trails, a dog or cat must be maintained on a leash no longer than six feet in length. Owners are responsible to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste.
3. Wild animals including birds may not be fed, except pursuant to a city sponsored program.
4. Wild animals may not be killed, trapped, pursued, caught, or removed, except when necessary to protect the immediate safety of a person or domestic animal. This prohibition does not apply to a law enforcement officer, or other person authorized by the city administrator, who is performing official duties.
5. A person must not plant, cut, burn, damage, disturb, or remove any vegetation, except as permitted by the city.
6. A person must not start or maintain a recreational fire, except by permit.
7. No person shall start any fire at any park except a small fire for culinary purposes, which may be made by picnic parties in the parks pursuant to regulations established by the City. The fire must be contained within a grill, metal fire ring, or similar device. No burn barrels, open burning or recreational fires placed on the bare ground are permitted. Every person who starts any fire and every person starting or using the fire shall completely extinguish the fire or fires before leaving the park and shall dispose of any residue or refuse therefrom. Grills are prohibited in the shelter and playground areas.
8. A person must not deposit or discard upon land or water any bottles, glass, cans, paper, ashes, garbage, trash, rubbish, litter, or other substance that would mar the appearance, create a stench or a nuisance, adversely affect the cleanliness or safety of the land, or be likely to injure any person, property, or animal.
9. A person must not distribute leaflets or other written or printed materials without first notifying the City Administrator of the proposed activity and depositing an amount determined by the city administrator to be sufficient to reimburse the city for any cleanup costs resulting from the activity.
10. Motorized vehicles are prohibited outside of the parking lots. Exceptions to this prohibition are (a) city and public safety vehicles and (b) electric-powered wheelchairs and small electric carts operated by physically handicapped people wherever this can be done safely.
11. A person must park motorized vehicles only within designated parking stalls in parking lots.
12. A person must not operate a motorized vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour or other posted speed limit.
13. A person must not use recreational equipment, such as frisbees and skateboards, on parking lots and driveways.
14 A person must not use a golf club to hit, drive, or otherwise propel a golf ball or other object.
15. A person must not camp in, or erect, a tent or other structure, except when approved by city permit obtained from the City Administrator-Clerk.
16. A person must not sell or offer for sale any item or service, except when approved by city permit obtained from the City Administrator-Clerk.
17. A person must not have any glass containers in a park facility
18. The City does not allow the use of any tobacco products within 30 feet of the shelter and playground.
100.20 Special Rules. In addition to the general rules, the following special rules are applicable to the areas designated.
1. On any recreational trail, each person must:
a) obey all official signs and traffic control markings and signals;
b) yield to motor vehicle traffic at intersections with roadways;
c) comply with the following prohibitions:
(1) no lurking and loitering;
(2) no motorized vehicles.
100.25 Park Administration.
1. The City Administrator may regulate the use of recreational facilities such as picnic areas, shelter, and ball fields within the park. This includes the authority to require advance reservations.
2. The City Administrator or designee or any city law enforcement officer may declare that any part or all of a park facility is closed to the public for any interval of time or for any particular use, as reasonably determined necessary in the public interest.
100.30 Penalty. A violation of a provision of these park rules and any regulations established by the City Council is a petty misdemeanor, except that the following are misdemeanors:
1. A violation which is committed in a manner or under circumstances which endanger or are likely to endanger a person or property; and
2. A violation of any of these park rules when preceded by two or more violations of these rules within the previous 12 months.
Passed by the City Council of the City of Greenfield, Minnesota this 1st day of April, 2014.
/s/ Brad Johnson
Mayor Brad Johnson
/s/ Bonnie Ritter
Attest: Bonnie Ritter,
City Administrator-Clerk
Published in the official newspaper on the 10th day of April, 2014.
Effective the 11th day of April, 2014.
201045 04/10/14 Ordinance 2014-02

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