Osseo interested in expanded senior activities

The Osseo City Council looked at possibly adding a part-time adult activity coordinator for the Osseo Senior Center during its meeting Monday, March 24.

The council also approved a conditional use permit (CUP) application by Tim Lindholm.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.




The council considered adding a part-time staff member that would be the adult activity coordinator for the Osseo Senior center. At a previous meeting, the council authorized staff to look into what could be done to increase the activity options for Osseo adult residents.

Currently there is a Senior Citizen Coordinator who manages activities for seniors on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Osseo Community Center.

Ideas that were suggested were to be added to the existing Senior Center programs. Dee Bonn, a volunteer at City Hall and Osseo resident, met with 20 Osseo adult residents and recreation staff from Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park. Bonn suggested adding Jazzercise and yoga classes, as well as art classes, book club, game day with different games, outdoor games, coffee and treats, knitting, crocheting, poker, cribbage, and more. She said there could be a $10 joining fee per year and new members could join at any time.

Administrator Doug Reeder and Deputy City Clerk LeAnn Larson met with Michelle Schmidt, an owner and instructor operating  Jazzercise classes in Maple Grove to see if Schmidt would be interested in working as a part-time adult activity coordinator. Schmidt expressed interest in the position to determine further what types of activities should be offered and proceed in establishing new activities.

Actions the council was to consider were: hire a part-time activities coordinator, provide limited amounts of equipment and authorize the community center to be used for Jazzercise and yoga programs.

The cost of hiring a part-time activity coordinator would be around $14,000 for the remainder of the year and $6,000 for additional supplies and equipment. The funds would be taken from the General Fund Contingency Fund.

Councilor Mark Schulz said he wanted to see if there was a need for additional programs for the Senior Center.

Reeder said Schmidt could do some research for a month or two and do some focus groups and “see if there would be interest.”

Mayor Duane Poppe said, “I would be fine with [Schmidt] coming in and doing the Jazzercise and yoga and getting those programs going … It may build interest.”

Councilor Bonnie Heinen added with the new apartments going in near City Hall, there will be people a little bit older that may be looking for these types of activities. “I think it is a way of getting into so people know that the center is there and to have it open more days during the week because not everybody can be conditioned to a Tuesday and Thursday to play bingo,” she added. “There are other things people want to do.”

The council tabled the item for a month to bring back a more modest proposal.




Also during the meeting, the council heard a request from Tim and Hope Lindholm regarding an application for a CUP to allow for a variety of uses to be located at 225 County Road 81. The applicant is proposals the following uses for the property: a retail plumbing store (Tim’s Quality Plumbing), miscellaneous retail/showroom uses (existing Brick and Stone Company), motor vehicle service (part of Tim’s Quality Plumbing that does repairs to vehicles), used motor vehicle sales and warehouse uses/storage of goods.

The site is 37,505 square feet. The current building will be split into multiple sections for the different businesses. The used vehicles sales lots will be located along the service road in front of the property with a maximum of 8 vehicles for sale at one time.

There were several conditions including a limit of 8 vehicles.

Councilor Schulz said he wanted the 11th condition removed, which stated “The applicant shall enter into a ‘shared driveway agreement’ with the owners of 225 County Road 81” in order to properly spell out the terms of the common drive space between the two buildings. He felt it was necessary for the city to mitigate the condition.

The council approved the CUP request to operate a business with a range of noted uses by Tim and Hope Lindholm, subject to 10 conditions of approval at 225 County Road 81.



In other action, the council:

HONORED the Osseo Boys High School Basketball team and coaches for an outstanding season and making it to the state tournament.

AUTHORIZED ordering improvement and preparation of plans for the 2014 street and utility improvements. The project would improve First Avenue N.E. from Fourth Street N.E. to County Road 30 and Fourth Street N.E. from First Avenue N.E. to Fourth Avenue N.E. and sanitary sewer improvements on County Road 30 from First Avenue N.W. to First Avenue N.E. Construction is anticipated to begin in August and end in mid-November.

APPROVED a lot combination application by Ceramic Industrial Coatings at 301 and 325 County Road 81. The lot combination was needed so the business can expand and construct a 20,000-square-foot warehouse facility.