Champlin moms ‘Run This Town’

Moms Run This Town inspires women to take control of health, happiness

When Kandi Ganoe was growing up she never imagined that she’d be running half marathons.

“I dreaded gym class,” Ganoe said. “Running around, showing off my lack of coordination, being yelled at for missing the ball and dealing with some intense competition did not appeal to me.”

And weight was always something Ganoe was not anxious to address.

Moms Run This Town is ready to race at Maple Grove’s Esprit De She. The Champlin/Maple Grove chapter tackled this race last fall.
Moms Run This Town is ready to race at Maple Grove’s Esprit De She. The Champlin/Maple Grove chapter tackled this race last fall.

“I told myself it wasn’t as bad as it actually was,” said Ganoe.

After being bullied because of her weight in high school, battling to lose weight during her engagement and struggling to lose after the birth of her two children, Ganoe came across Moms Run This Town, a group for women aspiring to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

“I just wanted to find people to run with,” Ganoe said. “I needed someone to help motivate me. I came across Moms Run This Town and noticed the Champlin/Maple Grove chapter was inactive and needed a leader.”

So Ganoe jumped in.

“It was scary, but we’ve been so successful,” she said.

The Champlin/Maple Grove Moms Run This Town has grown to more than 225 members. MRTT has weekly, regularly scheduled running groups, a supportive, motivational FaceBook group where moms can give and get tips and advice.

Ganoe explains that MRTT is free and easy to join. “Just send us a FaceBook request to the Champlin/Maple Grove Moms Run This Town and you’re in,” she said.

The group serves as a way to coordinate meeting times, share advice, struggles and successes. The group is designed to be inspirational, motivating and uplifting.

“It’s really just to support moms, and all women really, in all of their fitness goals,” Ganoe said. “We welcome everybody on every level. We have walkers and marathoners.”

But it’s not all ‘run and games.’

Moms Run This Town makes an effort to get together and do ‘non-running’ activities too. “We try to do things like that once a month,” Ganoe said. “We go to coffee, catch a movie, have craft nights or grab a drink at happy hour.”

MRTT’s goal is to support and be supported. The group has been a source of motivation for many moms including Ganoe.

“It’s something I never thought I could do, and now I’m able to prove to myself and others that I can do it and it makes me feel strong and healthy,” Ganoe said. “It was so important for me to remember why I began this journey.”

Ganoe said for her it was about improving her health. She wanted to be around for her kids as long as she could be. She wanted to be active with them, to feel happy, to look better and to show people that she was capable of doing things they never imagined she could do.

“I wanted to inspire others and I wanted my family to be proud of me,” Ganoe said. “My first race was a 5K. I’m about to start training for my fifth half marathon. Someday I’ll to do a marathon.”