Champlin approves 2014 work plan priorities

By Megan Hopps

SUN PRESS Newspapers


Each year the Champlin City Council establishes a set of goals, priorities and areas of emphasis or action for the upcoming two year period.

The four areas of focus include budget and financial management, economic development and re-development, transportation and provision of city services.



The areas of emphasis under financial management planning include updating the financial management plan.

“One of the things we’re finding in regards to city services is that more and more residents and businesses want to conduct their business transactions electronically,” said City Administrator Bret Heitkamp.

The city is working with a couple different vendors to conduct some of these transactions be it for utility bills, permits etc.

The long term plan is to reduce the city’s dependency on fiscal disparities.

Champlin will update the pro forma statements for infrastructure funds and tie those directly to the capital improvement plan. Those infrastructure funds include: capitol improvement streets, capitol equipment, park reserve, ice forum, the street light infrastructure and the storm sewer utility.

The city wants to develop a long term funding plan for the Mill Pond gables. This includes replacing the aging building and the infrastructure.

“It’s a first rate facility and we want to make sure we maintain that reputation and the occupancy,” said Heitkamp.

Economic Development

Most of the emphasis in this category includes establishing sustainable development and ongoing relationships with the business community.

As it pertains to the Mississippi Crossings Development, the city plans to market and identify development partners for the lead project. Furthermore, the city wants to coordinate the master development plan and the project budget, identify the funding for the infrastructure improvements and consider the remaining property acquisitions in the latter phases of the project.



“We understand the importance of both local and regional transportation,” said Heitkamp.

The city plans to improve the intersection at Hayden Lake Road and West River Road as well as secure funding of the Elm Creek Dam and flood mitigation project. The third item in this category includes the reconstruction of South Diamond Road and Depue Ave. This project includes the re-alignment of South Diamond Lake Road with Dayton Road and Depue Drive to create an aligned and safer intersection. This also involves the Mississippi Estates neighborhood. Construction for this project is proposed for 2015.

Additionally, the city plans to identify and implement a solicitation strategy for the 169 improvements associated with Mississippi Crossings. This is a $10 million improvement project, $5 million is directly related to the Mississippi project itself.

The city also plans to implement phase three improvements at Andrew’s Park. Finalizing these plans involves the construction of a new concessions facility in the hub area of the ball fields.

Lastly, the city plans to monitor area development projects and how they impact both regional and local transportation systems.

Provision of City services

This area of goal planning involves providing cost-effective municipal services that address the balance between financial resources and council and resident expectations. These goals are broken down specifically in all departments including administration, community development, finance, police, engineering, parks and recreation, public works. The city also looks at how these goals come together as whole and what they mean for the future of the city.

Administration will adhere to the Financial Management Plan, work with area developers to establish buildable lot inventory and expand housing opportunities. Furthermore, administration will implement city service directives associated with the 2012 resident survey results and complete employee contract negotiations.

In the category of community development, staff will work to pursue residential development in the north west planning area, explore opportunities for a work force housing project, consider options of Mill Pond Gables ownership, explore development potential of wildlife management areas, market and sell city owned lots and identify and assist with residential development of infill lots.

The city’s building and municipal campus will also undergo some changes in the coming years. The city plans to identify the options and costs of storing building files electronically, implement a reduced back flow pressure zone program for businesses and study merits of a municipal solar energy management program. The city also plans to draft and adopt a wetland ordinance with enforcement provisions. And, manage and improve code enforcement, rental licensing and vacant building registration programs as it relates to code enforcement. Finally, the city will host business forums to strengthen relations with the business community.

Champlin’s Finance department plans to coordinate Phase V of the GIS project as well as work with the administration department to implement the requirements of the Health Care Reform Act.

The Champlin Police department will continue to evaluate and make recommendations on the traffic enforcement program, measure operational data to better quantify police services, identify and police community problems, work to increase flexibility in response to crimes by adding bike and foot patrol officers and finally, work to improve public education and outreach.

The city plans to complete the final design of Elm Creek Dam reconstruction and Mississippi Point Park bank stabilization project as it relates to engineering and utilities. Furthermore, the city will strive to improve the public infrastructure design for the crossings redevelopment project and reclaim and pave Oregon Ave. and Kentucky Ave. south of 114th Ave. The engineering department plans to complete feasibility study and final design for South Diamond Lake Road and Depue Ave. The city will also develop, design and construct 2012 sanitary sewer rehabilitation project and complete cured in place pipe (CIPP) sanitary sewer rehabilitation project.

The city’s Parks and Recreation department along with the Public Works division will review the Mississippi Commons master plan and finalize property acquisition strategy, establish a master plan for the landing at Village Green, develop an updated marketing plan for the Ice Forum and Park and Recreation division. Lastly, the departments will coordinate the redevelopment of Reynold’s Park ball field.

As a whole, the city plans to complete the implementation of date management laserfiche system upgrades, expand the work of the environmental resources commission including the new fall leaf clean-up event, the ongoing Earth Day litter pick-up in the parks, spring recycling events and educational initiatives such as the Farmers Market booth. Also, the city plans to maximize the success of the Champlin chronicle and city web site as reported in the 2012 resident survey by promoting city sponsored events and bringing forward the council message to the community. Champlin will continue to monitor and make recommendations regarding municipal yard waste agreements as well.

New initiatives to consider include the Minnesota Green Step Cities Program/Solar Power Initiative, Hennepin County Water Governance Program and the Mill Pond Water Quality Proposal.


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