On Rep. FitzSimmons: Holding elected officials accountable

To the Editor:


We often hear that there is very little faith in government or politicians.

Recently, our local Republican caucus and endorsing convention brought people from two sides together; those in favor of Rep. Fitzsimmons, and those who felt betrayed by his vote on same-sex marriage.

We saw no lynch mobs or people acting unruly. What we did see were dedicated and concerned people debating issues. We talk about holding our elected officials accountable for their actions, and in Dist. 30B that became a reality. What took place was our political process in action.

If the people we elect do not take the Republican platform or the desires of their constituents to heart, they no longer represent us, they represent their own agenda.

We are proud of the grassroots political process that allows us to decide who represents us in Minnesota and Washington. We sent a powerful message to the conservatives of Minnesota that we will not compromise our integrity or the core values of life, marriage, and religious freedom.

Look around; is this the time to soften on your ideas of what America should be? We think not!

“The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments.” Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence.


(Editor’s Note: The following signers are all Republican delegates in Dist. 30B.)


Michelle Bartos

Judy Beaudry

Robert Becker

Greg Edeen

Elmer & Karol Eichelberg

Jeanne Hackenmueller

Rebecca Hackenmueller

Jeff Karlson

Chris Kauffman

Ruth Kirscht

Marlene Lindenfelser

Ron Nietfeld

Lori Mills

Maria Mills

John & Laurie O’Sullivan

Tom and Doris Steffens

Chuck Van Heel

Jeanne Vetsch

John & Lisa Vetsch

Ruth Ann Wochnick

Henry Zachman

Susan Zachman

John Zahler