No injuries reported school bus electrical fire

BY Paul Groessel

Sun POST Newspapers


No injuries were reported after a small school bus with four students and a nurse onboard caught fire while en route to Elm Creek Elementary School in Maple Grove.

The incident occurred around 8:20 a.m. Thursday, March 6, on the 7800 block of Yates Avenue, according to Brooklyn Park Police Cmdr. Mark Bruley.

“The staff did a great job getting the students off the bus to safety,” said Barbara Olson of Osseo Area Schools.

The bus driver smelled smoke, pulled over and got the children off the bus before calling 911, according to Bruley.

“(The) bus driver got everyone off and away from the vehicle so there really was no risk to anyone … because the bus driver did a nice job,” Bruley said.

With the police and fire departments on the scene, the children waited 20-25 minutes for another bus to pick them up and bring them to school, where health services staff met the students to see how they were doing, Olson said.

“Our assessment was when they came to school they were great,” Olson said.

The fire appeared to come from the firewall area by the heater, Bruley said, but the cause is unknown.


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