‘Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act’ not so safe or supportive

To the Editor:

This letter is to alert readers to the dangers of HF 826—a deceptive bill called the “Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act.”  This bill is neither safe nor supportive. It passed the MN House last session and is being taken up again this session in 2014.

Under the guise of bullying prevention, your children, teachers and schools will be subjected to a massive expansion of government bureaucracy that will shift local control on bullying issues over to a new agency called the School Climate Center within the Minnesota Department of Education. This bill forces schools to repeal their current anti-bullying policy and adopt a costly one-size-fits-all approach—with an annual $20 million price tag!

HF 826 permits anonymous reporting of bullying incidents, invasive individual tracking of children, action taken against students without required parental notification, and a nightmare of paperwork for teachers and administrators. Your children may be exposed to curriculum and activities that are mentally and emotionally harmful—all in the name of diversity and “inclusive curriculum.”

No one should be bullied, but HF 826 is not about bullying prevention.  To learn more about this bill, go to the Child Protection League Action website at www.cplaction.com.  After you learn the facts, you’ll join thousands of parents in Minnesota saying, “HF 826—NOT with our kids, you don’t!”


-Barb Anderson

Champlin, MN