Employee in Rogers arrested for computer thefts

RogPoliceBadgeA 45-year-old male was arrested Friday, Feb. 28, by Rogers Police after admitting to stealing computers from his place of employment.

Officer was dispatched to a theft complaint in the 19800 block of South Diamond Lake Road. Contact was made with management, who informed the officer they were missing, within the last two weeks, two ASUS laptop computers valued at $3,100.

Rogers Police said that, upon further investigation, all access point cards for the building were pulled and officer/management located two possible suspects. Contact was made with both employees.

Rogers Police said that, in talking with the male subject, Vinay Kumar Nataraj, he appeared nervous and was unable to verify why he had entered the building two times within a matter of one minute. A manager was in the building about the same time the subject was leaving and stated his behavior was odd.

After police talked with subject, he confessed to stealing the newer computer Feb. 27 because he wanted the computer for personal use. Upon further investigation, he admitted to taking the second computer a few weeks prior but did not realize it was on older laptop.

Police said Nataraj had no intention of returning the newer computer but stated he was going to return the older laptop prior to ending his employee with the business within the next one to two weeks. He stated he had both computers in a suitcase at his apartment.

A search warrant was drafted and both computers were located in his bedroom in a suitcase. A third computer was located. Contact was made with management who informed a Rogers officer that they possibly had a third computer go missing but was unable to determine until they could access their business account.

Nataraj was arrested and transported to Hennepin County Jail where he was booked for felony theft.