Hanover open to possibly allowing large lot development

City council would have to change comp plan

The Hanover City Council is open to the concept of potentially allowing large lot development that would not require sewer and water.

The matter was discussed at the recent city council work session that included joint discussion with the Hanover Planning Commission.

In the year end review, one topic discussed was future development, with council and planning members agreeing that the city is hopefully closer to seeing residential development take place. The city’s growth document, the comprehensive plan, was last amended in 2008 and sets standards for future development.

One of those standards is requiring municipal sewer and water extensions for development. For some areas of the city, the council and commission questioned if the city would be better off allowing some large lot development that would not require municipal services.

“Do we look at that and maybe allow large lot to happen?” administrative assistant Brian Hagen later said. The city council and planning commission would like to see that as a possibility.

Hagen said that some prospective developers are interested in the possibility and had asked council and planning commission members if the city has that availability, “and we don’t,” he said. The city engineer firm did a water and sewer feasibility study a while back, and the engineer and city planner were “directed to work together to try and come up with recreating that study and come up with different options. We’re just looking into it and exploring ideas.”

Hanover has a goal of rural preservation, and Hagen said large lot development could help.

“We just want to make sure the land use map and zoning map are good. Is there something we need to change?” Hagen said.



In other matters, the council discussed a downtown business owner’s concerns about snowmobilers using the area.

The snowmobilers typically come from the Hennepin County side, cross the Historic Bridge and then travel west along River Road.

“The business owner is a little frustrated,” administrative assistant Hagen said. “Overall he’s dealt with it many years and is coming forward asking if there is any other alternative.”

The council directed the public works supervisor to knock off snow from a snowbank along River Road and possibly erect a barrier to prevent snowmobilers from congregating away from the road.

Hagen said the city council wants to work with both parties and provide an area for snowmobilers closer to the road shoulder.