Maple Grove updated about Hwy. 610 extension

The Maple Grove City Council received an update on the future Hwy. 610 project during its Tuesday, Feb. 18, meeting.

The council also received grant money to use to improve the accessibility of a polling place within the city.


Hwy. 610 update

City Engineer/Public Works Director Ken Ashfeld told the council that work is continuing to progress on the development of the design build of the final segment of Hwy. 610. The projected date would be March 28 to send out to the public. Hwy. 610 will be extended to Interstate 94 as part of the state’s 10 Corridors of Commerce transportation funding projects.

He added there was an anticipated date of “having bid proposals back again sometime in early summer.”




The council also authorized the execution of a Disability Grant Contract between the city and the State of Minnesota, acting through its Secretary of State for the purpose of improving accessibility in the polling place for persons with disabilities and to authorize the mayor and city administrator to sign related documents.

The Help America Vote Act provides funds for improving the accessibility and quality of polling places. The Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State has received about $150,000 in federal grants to award to cities, townships and county governments for polling place accessibility improvement projects.

The city reviewed its polling sites and determined that Maple Grove Lutheran church is in need of improvements. The improvements will consist of installing an automatic door opener, which will provide greater access to persons with disabilities. The total cost for the door installation will be around $3,300.

On Feb. 7, city staff was notified it was selected as a recipient of a federal Election Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities grant in the amount of $3,018.69.



In other action, the council:

ADOPTED a resolution ordering the Highlands of Rush Creek area street and utility project. There will be streets and utilities provided to six single-family detached residential lots. Total costs will be $145,712, with a proposed assessment of $78,837 per lot.

ACCEPTED a resolution vacating all drainage and utility easements on outlot D in the Highgrove Third Addition, subject to the recording of the plat of Highgrove Fourth Addition.