Champlin reviews 2013-14 work plan priorities

By Megan Hopps



The Champlin City council and staff met Monday, Feb. 10 to review the city’s work plan priorities.

Each department set created goals to work through in a two year time frame. City Administrator Bret Heitkamp gave a presentation outlining those goals. Heitkamp also gave a review of the work session discussion and City Planner Charles Lehn presented the city with a $220,000 check from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program to use for Andrew’s Park improvements.



Each year, the city council establishes goals and priorities as areas of focus. The goals established by staff and council for 2013 are broken into four areas of emphasis including budget and financial management, economic development and redevelopment, transportation and provision of city services.

Under the first goal, the city set fourth to update the Financial Management Plan (FMP) including anticipated legislative impacts and continued reductions in tax capacity. Furthermore, the city plans to update statements for infrastructure funds and establish street light infrastructure replacement plan.

The second goal includes economic development and redevelopment. The main priority under the cities economic development plan is the Mississippi Crossings development. The city plans to affirm the master redevelopment plan, establish tax increment/financing plan, conduct a market study of the retail, restaurant and event center, identify lead project, development partners and comprehensive budget, establish and implement a marketing plan and consider remaining property acquisitions.

The third goal in the work plan priorities is transportation/ capital improvements. The city has six improvement projects it plans to focus on including Hayden Lake Road/West River Road and Elm Creek Dam Reconstruction, South Diamond lake Road/Depue Ave. reconstruction, identify and implement solicitation strategy for Hwy. 169, implement phases two and three of the Andrew’s Park improvement project, monitor area development projects and impact on both regional and local transportation systems, and focus on the final segment of 610 extending it to 1-94.

Lastly, the city’s fourth area of focus is provision of city services. Administration plans to adhere to the financial management plan, to work with area developers to establish buildable lot inventory and expand housing opportunities, implement city service directives associated with 2012 resident survey results and complete employee contract negotiations.

Community Development plans to focus on specific areas of housing, improving the city’s municipal campus, planning and zoning provisions, code enforcement and various aspects of business relations and development.

The city’s finance department has goals to coordinate phase five of the GIS project and to work with administration to implement requirements of the Health Care Reform Act.

The Champlin Police Department plans to continue to evaluate and make recommendations on traffic enforcement programs, measure operational date to better quantify police services, identify and police community problems within neighborhoods and businesses, provide flexibility in response to crimes and to implement greater public education and outreach programs.

Engineering and utilities plans to complete a final design of the Elm Creek Dam Reconstruction and Mississippi Point Park River Bank Stabilization project, improve public infrastructure design for Crossings Redevelopment project, reclaim and pave Oregon Ave. and Kentucky Ave., complete a feasibility study and final design for South Diamond Lake Road and Depue Ave., to develop, design and construct 2012 sanitary sewer rehabilitation project and to complete cured in place pipe sanitary sewer rehabilitation project.

Champlin’s Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments plan to review the Mississippi Commons master plan and finalize property acquisition strategies, establish a master plan for “The Landing” at Village Green, develop an updated marketing plan for the ice forum and Parks and Recreation division and to coordinate the redevelopment of the Reynold’s Park ball field.

Government services plans to complete implementation of data management, to expand the work of the environmental resources commission, to maximize the success of the Champlin Chronicle and city web site and to continue to monitor and make recommendations regarding municipal yard waste management.

New initiatives the city plans to review are Minnesota Green Step Cities Program/Solar Power Initiative, Hennepin County Water governance Program, and the Mill Pond Water Quality Proposal.

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Administrator Heitkamp gave an overview of the work session discussion where staff and council reviewed an infrastructure replacement funding program for the street light system. One of the final components to the plan is to begin an implementation of a street light utility fee.

Parks Facility Manager Lehn presented the city with $220,000 from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program to be used for the Andrew’s Park improvements.



Mayor Nelson announced that city hall will be closed Monday, Feb. 17, for the Presidents Day holiday.

There will be a legislative work session Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers with State Rep. Mark Uglem and Senator John Hoffman.

On Saturday, Feb. 22, the 5AA quarterfinal sectional hockey tournament will take place at the Champlin Ice Forum with games at noon, 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The next council work session will be Monday, Feb. 24, at 5:45 p.m. in the council conference room and the council will convene for it’s regularly scheduled meeting following the work session at 7 p.m.

And lastly, the city requests that any residents that live near a fire hydrant to clear the snow around the hydrant so the fire department can find it in case of an emergency.


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