Osseo accepts amendment to St. Vincent’s Cemetery expansion

Approves lot combination for Osseo Gun Club

The Osseo City Council at its Monday, Jan. 27 meeting, amended the conditional use permit for the St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery expansion.

The council also considered a lot combination for 32 Fourth Street N.W. and 316 First Avenue N.W. for the Osseo Gun Club project.

This and other action took place during the meeting.


St. vincent’s cemetery

The council heard from City Planner Riley Grams who stated that the city was approached by leaders at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church to amend its current conditional use permit (CUP). This CUP is for future expansion of the cemetery, located at 8601 93rd Avenue N., onto its own property was originally approved in 2007.

St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery received approval for an amendment for its expansion, which is set to begin with the first phase this spring and summer.
St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery received approval for an amendment for its expansion, which is set to begin with the first phase this spring and summer.

“The expansion would be completed in multiple phases, with the first phase proposed to take place during the spring and summer,” he added.

Grams said the new conditions pay particular attention to approved landscape buffers from adjoining properties and also grading plans and building permits.

City Attorney Loren Magsam said this amendment to the CUP would also include amending the master plan to include emergency access from Ninth Avenue N.E. along with a gate for emergency and city access.

A Trustee at St. Vincent de Paul said the first phase of the expansion would abut the existing cemetery. “This phase will give us about 300 burial sites,” he said. There will also be about 50 to 60 cremation graves as well.

The council unanimously approved granting the request of St. Vincent de Paul Church for a CUP to allow for the expansion of the existing cemetery.



Also during the meeting, Grams presented the council with a request for a lot combination by the Osseo Gun Club. The properties at 32 Fourth Street N.W. and 316 First Avenue N.W. would be combined into one lot.

He said the lot combination was needed before the construction of a 18,000-square-foot, 20-lane indoor shooting range could begin. State building code does not allow for a continuous building to be built over an existing property line, which is the reason behind the lot combination.

The Osseo Gun Club owns both parcels.

“I find that the application is in full conformance,” Grams said.

The council voted unanimously to approve the lot combination.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the first reading of the C-2 Commercial Highway District amendment, creating a C-2 North and C-2 South zone and adding a conditional use (warehouse and shipping of warehouse goods) to the C-2 South zone. This amendment splits the current C-2 zone with County Road 81 acting as the boundary.

DECLARED the old 1980 general pumper fire truck as surplus property and authorized its sale. Fire Chief Pat McGrane wants to advertise the truck for $15,000 or best offer. The proceeds would go directly to offset the purchase of the new truck.

ORDERED the preparation of the feasibility report on the 2014 street and utility improvements no to exceed $8,500. The project would include construction of a new truck sanitary sewer line under the streets in the area of First Avenue N.E. from Fourth Street N.E. to County Road 30 and Fourth Street N.E. from First Avenue N.E. to Fourth Avenue N.E. The sanitary sewer would be upsized on County Road 30 between Central Avenue and First Avenue N.E. Future construction would begin in August and finish around the end of October.