He’s headed to Hollywood!

Area resident gets American Idol ticket 

Eric Gordon is “super excited” to head to Hollywood. He made his way through auditions on American Idol to get his ticket to head the next rounds. “Music is where my heart is at,” Gordon said in his American Idol audition. “It’s always been my passion.”

Gordon, 27 and an Osseo resident, appeared on the Jan. 22 episode of American Idol during the auditions in Detroit. “I auditioned on a whim,” he said.

Eric Gordon, an Osseo resident, auditions for American Idol and has made it to Hollywood. The Hollywood episodes air Feb. 6 and 12. (Photo by Michael Becker / FOX. (c) Copyright 2013 FOX Broadcasting Co.)
Eric Gordon, an Osseo resident, auditions for American Idol and has made it to Hollywood. The Hollywood episodes air Feb. 6 and 12. (Photo by Michael Becker / FOX. (c) Copyright 2013 FOX Broadcasting Co.)

The first audition for this season, Gordon did it online. He said a producer from the show contacted him to another audition and then moved on to the audition in front of the panel of judges — Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. The callback audition in front of the judges was filmed last October in Detroit.

“I auditioned for the show in 2002 at 15 years old for season two,” Gordon said. “I went through two rounds back then and was cut the round before singing to the panel of judges. I wasn’t ready back then. They said I was ready vocally, but I lacked stage presence.”

He grew up in Kansas in a town of about 500 people. He listed his town as his hometown for American Idol.

Gordon said he learned a lot since his first American Idol audition. “Rejection was hard, but the world is different then what I knew growing up in a small town,” he said. “I was a small-town kid who hadn’t seen anything of the world, but I have now.”

He added he had more knowledge of what to expect going into this audition this time around.

Auditions for Gordon this time were not as nerve-wracking as one would think. “There are a lot of things that go now before he audition, like interviews,” he said. “I was sitting around for several hours, so I was able to get the nerves out and be ready for the audition when my time came.”

He added, “My adrenaline kicked in for the audition. I went into a mental zone before the audition.”

As for the audition in front of the judges Urban, Lopez and Connick Jr., Gordon said he had no idea what had happened. “I didn’t remember anything of the audition or what I said to the judges after I walked out,” he said. “I only remember my blow dryer comment to Keith’s question about my hair.”

Urban asked of Gordon’s hairdo, “How do you get the pumpadour rocking like that?” Gordon responded, “My wife taught me how to use a blow dryer about five months ago.”

Gordon had no idea his audition was going to be featured on the Jan. 22 episode of American Idol. “While I was watching myself on TV my palms were sweating,” he said. “I’m not naturally like that. I had no idea what would exactly air. I was not even sure my audition was going to air. But the entire nation was watching my audition right along with me.”

“I have been in Minnesota since 2006,” Gordon said. “I moved out to Minnesota because my brother was here and going to school in downtown Minneapolis. He is a musician as well.”

Gordon recorded his first track “Time” in Minnesota and decided to stay. He enrolled into a pre-nursing program here, where he met his wife.

“We moved to Osseo and got an apartment,” he said. “I just loved Osseo because of its very quaint feel. It’s a small town like my hometown, but Maple Grove is right next door.”

Gordon had taken some time of his music career to go school. He performed in the Christian music scene for a while. He was a contestant on GMCtv’s television show, Gospel Dream. His website states, “The experience was validation I needed to continue pursuing my dream.”

He decided to go the secular musical route. Gordon then took two years to complete his first full-length album, “Coming Clean,” which released in 2011. Last year he recorded another track, “Shine.”

While waiting to get into nursing school last year, Gordon was at a crossroads. “My wife said why not give Idol another shot?” he said. “She said, ‘You don’t want to be 40 and have regret about not pursuing a music career.’ She is my biggest supporter.”

The American Idol “Hollywood” rounds began Wednesday, Feb. 5. This paper went to press prior to that date. The “Hollywood” rounds continue Thursday, Feb. 6 and Wednesday, Feb. 12. Watch to see if Gordon continues on his American Idol journey.

His audition video that appeared on the Jan. 22 episode of American Idol can be seen at http://youtu.be/sMfap9gkOuE.