Dayton seeks to replace fire truck

By Megan Hopps



The Dayton City Council met Tuesday, Jan. 28 to review a proposal by Fire Chief Jason Michelson requesting a new fire vehicle. The council also reviewed changes in the preliminary plat and considered rezoning of the Rush Creek Landing Development. The meeting concluded with prepared reports from department heads.



The Dayton City Council heard a presentation from Fire Chief Jason Michelson requesting a new fire vehicle. The proposed new fire truck would replace the current rescue 21, a 1992 type two ambulance, and a 1988 Chevrolet 2500 pickup. The proposed vehicle would respond to all medical aid and wildland fires.

Currently, the only action requested from the council is the approval to advertise bids for the vehicle.

Chief Michelson is requesting a new vehicle because the carburetor does not run efficiently. The current rescue vehicle is not suitable for anything more than four inches of snow and does not have four-wheel drive capabilities making it difficult to maneuver in the snow. The old rescue 21 can not bear the amount of weight required to transport adequate amounts of water to emergency sites and unsafe to drive with that weight on the roads.

The council brought up the issue of funding and wanted to ensure that this was factored in to the city’s overall budget. The city sets aside money for replacement of equipment, for everything from snow plows and police and fire vehicles to lawn mowers and landscaping equipment. Chief Michelson had previously done research to make sure funds covered the cost of the vehicle.

“Since the previous council pushed the purchasing of the truck by two years, the money has been available for some time,” Michelson said. “Currently, those funds are not being put to good use. I feel that money would be put to better use if it’s used to benefit the department and ultimately the city and residents.”

The council requested more information and will continue discussion at the first meeting in February.



Associate Planner Matthew Gindele gave a presentation Tuesday requesting the approval of a preliminary plat. Capstone Homes has submitted an application for several items including the approval of a preliminary plat of Rush Creek landing and rezoning the planned unit development.

The proposed preliminary plat consists of 35 lots and three outlets. One of those is a remnant piece on the east side of Rush Creek Road that will be landscaped. The second piece will be used for ponding and the final outlot will be dedicated as a corridor for the sanitary truck line. The site has significant wetlands on the north, northwest portion of the site and all abutting lots are platted through the wetland. In addition, there is a 50’ wide pipeline easement that runs through the center of the site.

The site will have access from Rush Creek Road via Rush Creek Parkway in the Sundance Woods development. The applicant has improved that portion of Rush Creek Road extending through the property with parkway features. This includes the continuation of the trail on the north side and additional landscaping so that the parkway design is continued from Sundance Woods immediately adjacent the proposed development to the east.

The planning commission recommended approval of the preliminary plat, to rezone and accept all benefits and deviations.


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