Maple Grove begins Fish Lake Sanitary Rehabilitation Project

Work has begun on pipe cleaning operations in the areas of Mariner Lane, Niagara Lane and Fish Lake Park on the west side. The work involves the removal of heavy sediment and mineral deposits with jet/vac equipment and trucking the solid waste away.

The city of Maple Grove said sewer service should not be interrupted by this work.

The cleaning operations will move towards the south and east end of the project area during the next month. Pipe lining work is scheduled to begin in February.

Most residents in the project area should experience no noticeable impacts according to the city. Trails within the park will be closed from time to time in areas of truck traffic. Area residents may notice noise from the boiler trucks, which operate around the clock during pipe curing operations. Odors are also noticeable at times, especially near the manholes used for bypass pumping.

If anyone’s service is disrupted (typically for 24 to 36 hours), notice will be provided approximately 1 to 2 weeks in advance. The work will progress from segment to segment, affecting each area of the project for a relatively short duration of time.

The Fish Lake Sanitary Sewer Project has been established for the purpose of rehabilitating trunk sanitary sewer generally located in Fish Lake Regional Park area. The work consists of installing a plastic pipe within the existing concrete pipe. The project is funded with Sanitary Sewer funds reserved for replacement of infrastructure.

The project includes about 10,000 feet of trunk sanitary sewer. The Cured In-Place Plastic Pipe (CIPP) liner restores structural integrity to deteriorated pipe, and reduces infiltration of clean water by sealing off leaking pipe joints and manholes. Sediment and other deposits are removed in the process, restoring good flow to the system. The existing concrete pipe was installed in about 1971.

People can contact 763-494-6370 or 763-494-6350 if there are any questions.