Clarifying sex marriage bill

To the Editor


With Republican Precinct Caucuses approaching I feel it is important to clarify misinformation about the same sex marriage bill passed by both the House and the Senate in 2013.

The House bill (HF1054) passed by a 75 –59 margin (68 needed to pass). Certain individuals and organizations have spread inaccurate information about 30B Rep. Fitzsimmons’ rationale for the vote he cast on this bill. The truth is:

1. Rep. Fitzsimmons’ vote came after the Democrats in the House already had enough votes to pass the bill. His vote was NOT the deciding vote on the bill. HF 1054 would have passed whether Fitzsimmons voted for it or not.

2. His vote was not in support of the bill but an amendment that inserted the word “civil” prior the word “marriage” further separating religious vs. state/civil marriage. His vote maintained his spot on the drafting committee to make sure that amendment remained in the bill going to the Senate.

The largest Lutheran congregation in Buffalo referenced Rep. Fitzsimmons’ amendment as the reason they were able to make the decision not to celebrate same sex marriages in their church. That is effective leadership.

Please support Rep. Fitzsimmons at the 30B Precinct Caucuses.

Jameson Wakefield,