The best 4 months of my life

The past four months of my life have been the most exciting, tiring, happy, stressful and fulfilling. My husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Arabella, on Sept. 25, 2013.

After 13 hours of labor I was holding my daughter in my arms in the delivery room. I looked down and saw a little tiny baby with big, dark eyes, a little button nose and hands with long fingers. I was immediately in love and in awe of her. I couldn’t believe she was ours.

My daughter Arabella was born this past September. She is all smiles most of the time and I couldn’t be happier. (Sun staff photo by Alicia Miller)
My daughter Arabella was born this past September. She is all smiles most of the time and I couldn’t be happier. (Sun staff photo by Alicia Miller)

That first night I got about two hours of sleep, but I didn’t feel tired as visitors came to meet Arabella for the first time. I was riding on a giant euphoric high.

Those first few days at home were long. I was getting up every two hours to feed Arabella, so I was a bit exhausted but that is to be expected. Luckily, it only took a few weeks for my body to adjust to my new sleeping schedule. I spent many of my afternoons napping with my tiny “Peanut,” as she rested peacefully on my chest or in my arms. Other times I would just stare at her sleeping and think of how lucky I am.

I loved dressing her up in all the beautiful, girly clothes I either purchased myself or were given to me as gifts. I still love this, especially now that she is getting into six months sized clothing. It’s a whole new wardrobe for her.

When Arabella was a month old I got her first, huge, not-from-gas smile. I happened to be taking a picture of the two of us and she smiled right as I took the picture. Her smile made me so happy. Arabella still loves smiling and it is something she does many times a day. When she does, her eyes soften and she gets this little sparkle in them.

I took 10 weeks off of work for maternity leave and I loved spending every moment with my daughter. I got to watch her learn to hold her head up and look around, kick, recognize family members, smile, giggle, grab at a toy, tolerate some tummy time and most importantly sleep through the night.

Christmas was a blast this year. I couldn’t resist getting Arabella a beautiful red Christmas dress and another Christmas outfit to wear to several family gatherings. Santa finally got to stop by our house and leave Arabella with toys and other goodies. Also, she got to celebrate her first Christmas with her two newest cousins Lily (5 weeks older than Arabella) and Averie (11 weeks younger than Arabella), who also celebrated their first Christmases.

Now, Arabella is learning to roll on to her sides. She also loves to stand while someone holds her. The best invention is the jumperoo we have at home. This is a combination of a johnny jump up and an exersaucer. Arabella can stand in her jumperoo, or bounce or make herself go side to side in it. I get tired just watching her move so quickly in it.

She also love to “explore” her voice. She will be smiling one minute and follow it up with a loud, high-pitched squeal. It’s very adorable… right now. I will probably change my tune in a year or two.

Arabella amazes me every day with the new things she learns and discovers as well as her unconditional love. I love that little girl so much.