Dayton Senior Center welcomes new director

By Megan Hopps

Sun Press Newspapers


On a windy winter afternoon, Kandis Selthofner sat at her desk shuffling through papers and answering phone calls.

Eventually she stood and walked out of the office to put on plastic gloves before heading to the kitchen, eager to serve the Dayton seniors a Thursday lunch.

Kandis Selthofner
Kandis Selthofner

“When I started I noticed the seniors were washing their own dishes after lunch,” Selthofner said. “That was one of the first things I wanted to change, I want them to be taken care of.”

And this isn’t the only change Selthofner has made since she began working there. Currently, Dayton seniors flock to the activity center for smear tournaments on Fridays, but Selthofner wants to provide more activities for them. She is working to coordinate more events that she hopes to start up in the new year for the seniors to enjoy.

Selthofner worked for the City of Elk River as a golf coordinator for six years and added that she especially enjoyed the seniors’ company.

“One of my very close friends is 87 years old now and we still get together and have lunch. I know a lot of seniors from Elk River that I am still very close to and they have come out to the Dayton Activity Center and had lunch with us.”

Selthofner also works part time as the assistant to the food and beverage manager at the Holiday Inn in Otsego. And, when she’s not working, she spends time with her husband of 13 years, her stepchildren and two grandchildren.

Selthofner is enthusiastic about the changes at the Dayton Senior Center and has been working hard talking with other senior centers in the area to collaborate and help serve each other. She hopes to create a warm environment for the seniors to enjoy delicious hot meals, games and activities. But more importantly, she hopes it’s a place for the community to spend time making memories and laughing together.

“I love the town of Dayton and am hoping to make the activity center a place the seniors and residents of the community want to come to,” she said.


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